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As the World Focuses on Web3, Michael Koch Has His Sights Set on Web4

Web3 is the new iteration of the internet and has attracted a lot of attention all over the globe. This new technology is creating a decentralized internet with more open, connected, and intelligent websites and applications that bring transparency to the business world and change marketing. 

But it is not the last. As the world enters into Web3, Michael Koch is leading the entrepreneurial space into the future and bringing closer the next iteration of the internet, Web4.

As an originating pioneer of artificial intelligence, global digital production, machine learning, and SaaS industries, Michael is leading the world into the ‘symbiotic web,’ also known as Web4. He is leveraging his experience to build an ecosystem in Web4 where machines can interact in symbiosis.

Michael is not new to the tech industry. He is a tech entrepreneur who has been in the field for almost a decade. Michael is the founder and CEO of HubKonnect, an AI data-driven ecosystem for local store marketing. HubKonnect develops strategically targeted marketing plans and data-driven tactics to create community engagement and potentially increase sales.

HubKonnect uses software that helps restaurants incorporate AI and big data into their daily operations and marketing. This technology is being used by top brands in the industry, including McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wahlburgers, and Nike.

Michael is also the chairman of the QSR AI Research Lab and the founder and president of Koch Global Ventures. His expertise in developing new businesses and broad knowledge of Web3 and 4 are now helping him build more collaborative, self-learning, and proactive agents who have their eyes fixated on changing the hospitality sector.

Michael is bringing more AI technologies to the hospitality industry and the business space in general and using Web4 to change how people carry out their day-to-day activities. He is modernizing the technological landscape of the franchise and quick-service restaurant world through HubKonnect.

HubKonnect’s artificial intelligence technology provides an integrated marketing work center that is redefining the industry. The center is helping franchises and multi-unit organizations utilize the power of AI and local consumer data to drive sales and transactions within their communities. 

According to Michael, his goal is to develop a network that will facilitate the transition from Web3 to Web4 and make it easier for business owners to use this new iteration of the internet. Michael has developed teams and built data-driven technology systems for numerous brands, helping them increase their sales and even curate better marketing strategies.

As the buzz around Web3 continues, Michael has his eyes set on something greater: He is leveraging AI technologies to lead the business world into Web4 through HubKonnect. His efforts in the industry have not gone unnoticed, as Michel has received a lot of praise. Michael Koch is the recipient of the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year award (2022). He received this award from the Business Intelligence Group, where he was recognized for leading artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.


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