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The Secret Matchmaking and Dating Club for Global Leaders; SEI Club 

The things people look for in a new and hopefully long-lasting relationship are as varied and unique as the people who are looking. That is what makes the dating world such an exciting and varied place. The “one” is different for everyone but finding him or her can be no easy task. For some, romance and old-school definitions of love are vital. Others find trust and loyalty critical, and then others are looking for someone who closely matches their own interests, attitudes, and outlook on life. Getting the balance right is no easy task, but when it happens, the satisfaction gained from such an ideal match can be like nothing else you have experienced.

A private dating club for the ultra-affluent

Of course, meeting such a person can be a challenging quest. Even in a world where social media and the connectivity of modern technology seem to have made things more accessible for people to meet, can you be sure that the profile and personality of the person you are meeting online are genuine? There is a plethora of misrepresentation on typical dating sites, not to mention the complete lack of personal privacy…Do you really want all your patients or clients to know what you seek in a life partner?

SEI Club is a private matchmaking Club that solves most of these issues. Their Professional Matchmakers do all the work for you. It is aimed at those accomplished singles who find little time to navigate the often long and tricky landscape of the dating world. To say SEI Club is merely a matchmaking service would be an understatement. As a Private Members Club, they also provide luxury travel, contemporary art, and investment services to the exceptionally elite. The Club’s elite Matchmakers often hold PhDs in psychology or have similarly impressive credentials that allow them to succeed at placing the right couples together for lasting, romantic relationships.

Meet The Love of Your Life…

In terms of their dating service, SEI Club is designed to find and match suitable connections for those looking for the perfect life partner, particularly those in the fast-paced bubble of the corporate sector or business world. It is aimed at those whose life revolves around their work, such as entrepreneurs and business leaders, including some of your favorite actors, and celebrities.

As a service aimed at the more high-flying individual, it goes well beyond what most services offer. If matchmaking is the art of comparing similar interests, SEI Club sets new standards in such an area. Rather than merely being a private club, they aim to be a force for positivity in the world. In their own words, they aim to bring together “loving, emotionally and physically fit, mutually supportive, respectful and happy life partners.” In short, they aim to make life more “peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful,” by pairing the right singles with each other. The spirit in which they operate is quite refreshing in today’s world.

Given the speed at which the world turns for such people and the non-stop lifestyles of those with such sectors, finding the time to find a suitable partner can prove difficult. But, by comparing data, collating the results of in-depth questioning, utilizing informed decision-making, and employing knowledgeable and experienced professionals who often hold PhDs in their fields, SEI Club has been making suitable matches that usually lead to long-term relationships for over a decade.

Meticulously vetted introductions spoil you for anything else.

What SEI Club does so well is gathering detailed information regarding their potential candidates’ backgrounds, achievements, attitudes, and interests. They can then use this wealth of data to decide who might be a good fit romantically for this person. The fact that Membership is required to participate ensures the highest quality and standards of every single man or woman involved. Their acceptance rate hovers near 30%.

A wealth of screening takes place well before any information is put forward as the basis of any matchmaking process. It is only once they are deemed to meet the exacting standards of the service, that a prospective member can proceed to the matchmaking process. With 24/7-member support, a strong global presence in key cities like New York, London, Dubai, LA, Toronto, Tokyo, Miami and more, and close connections to some of the most elite singles on the market, SEI Club provides white glove service like no other. 

Individual tastes are of course taken into consideration when matching people with similar interests and hobbies, from art to investment to travel, and more. For SEI Club, it’s imperative that any eligible match is an exceptional fit in all the deeper ways that matter most (worldview, future aspirations, life outlook, personal values etc.).

Meet the right person, guaranteed.

For many, finding the right partner is one of the most important aspects of their non-work life. So, an organization that truly understands the process’s gravitas will always be seen as a useful ally. To this end, SEI Club has gathered industry-renowned names such as Cece Gold, Rebecca Ship and Rachel Fay to steer its membership and matchmaking processes. They, and the team they lead, sift through all personal records to find the best matches, considering everything from likes and dislikes, age, hobbies, and habits to national attitudes and interests. Every membership comes with a money back guarantee as well as a meet the right person guarantee. Finding love has never been so easy.

International service, uniquely suited to the global elite.

The company works with Matchmakers and Members in most major cities in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Asia. But more than all these grand facts and impressive figures, the millions of results and the endless roll call of satisfied members are their loudest, ringing endorsement. For those who are highly successful and serious about meeting someone special, you couldn’t ask for a better, private option.

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Get Lost in the Romance: A Review of the Latest Must-Read YA Novel

Are you ready to get lost in a whirlwind of teenage romance? Look no further than Sevan Minaskanian‘s debut novel, Winter Time, the first book in her Winter Saga series. As a young adult (YA) contemporary romance author, Minaskanian has crafted a compelling story to make you feel all the emotions. From the first page, you’ll be transported into the world of Victoria Evans, a sixteen-year-old girl trying to navigate the challenges of high school while dreaming of a better life. With a touch of humor, intriguing characters, and surprising plot twists, Winter Time is a must-read for anyone looking for a heartfelt and heartwarming romance.

Winter Time tells the story of Victoria, who silently endures verbal and emotional abuse from bullies at St. Paul’s private school in Magnolia Springs, California. Despite her posh lifestyle and love for daydreaming about happy romances, Victoria feels helpless until she convinces her friends to go on a winter forest trip. It is there that she meets William Winter from England.

What follows is a heartwarming and emotional tale that immediately captures the reader’s attention. Minaskanian’s writing is refreshing and filled with surprising plot twists, and her ability to create relatable characters that evoke strong emotions in readers is genuinely remarkable.

A case in point is that Winter Time is currently the number one Young Adult Romance and clean and wholesome fiction novel on IngramSpark, an impressive feat for a debut novel. The book has also been released on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where it has garnered rave reviews from readers who can’t get enough of the Winter Saga.

What distinguishes Winter Time from other contemporary YA romance novels is Minaskanian’s ability to tackle complex subjects such as bullying and abuse in a sensitive yet impactful way. In addition, the author’s message that love is all around us and can be found in unexpected places is powerful and will resonate with readers long after they finish the book.

That love stands out as the driving force in Minaskanian’s books and her own life. A proud Armenian-American, Minaskanian got her gift of writing from her father, whom she deeply admired for his wisdom and knowledge. With her quick and creative solutions to life’s challenges, her mother taught Minaskanian how to keep calm by turning difficult situations into life stories. Family and God are also a vital part of Minaskanian’s life. The lifelong book lover and Elvis aficionado lives in California with her husband and two children.

 With Minaskanian’s Winter Time available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IngramSpark, and over 200 bookstores, her book signing tour has been an enormous success, with her first signings in Burbank, CA, and Valencia, CA, selling out within hours. The author has several signings planned for March, April, May, and June, which is a testament to the popularity of the Winter Saga series.

Winter Time is a must-read for anyone who loves YA contemporary romance novels. The book is well-written and filled with intriguing and relatable characters. But, perhaps most important to the author, her motto of living an authentic life and following your dreams is readily apparent throughout Winter Time. Readers who are excited to see what Sevan Minaskanian has planned for them next can follow her on Instagram. For interviews or more information, please contact Vick at

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1 Million Followers in a Year: Melina Cherry’s Ambitious Quest for TikTok Stardom

Social media is one of the vibrant digital spaces promoting talents, especially young people. Content creators who are consistent and authentic have managed to capture the attention of their fans. TikTok has been on the front line to ensure young people can bring their creative side to the world. Young people who have discovered the art of remaining relevant in this arena are making a fortune and inspiring others yet to bring their best to the world. Melina Cherry is a social media influencer, a multi-published model, and the digital environment’s new face.

The talented Melina’s journey in the social media sphere began six months ago when she created a TikTok account. Every journey begins with taking a step, and the small steps we take in the right direction eventually lead us to our dreams. However, these steps must remain consistent and bring a new wave to the audience. Melina’s determination to bring her hobby and talent to the world as a profession was driven by passion. She challenged herself to get 1M followers, and in under one year, she got over 273M views on TikTok.

At 23, Melina gained a vast audience on her TikTok account and her Instagram account, where she enjoys a following of over 83K followers. Her authenticity and high-end fashion have brought her to light. In one of her viral TikTok videos, she also demonstrates her love for animals, especially horses, which is a plus because many women are only fashion-centered. Additionally, she has perfected her modeling wear, especially lingerie which emphasizes her curvy body.

However, Melina’s journey as an outstanding icon in the modeling industry was challenging. Her most significant hurdle was when she got fired from her real estate job when a client recognized her from a lingerie magazine. “I was doing very well and had a lot of monthly payments, I had to find a way to make it work fast,” she says.

Hard work and perseverance will always take you to the top echelon in any industry. Through resilience and hard work, Melina has experienced incredible growth from 0 followers to an average of 3-4 million views per week. Although she says it takes a lot of work, the results are worthwhile. She now wants other young influencers to know that everything is possible. What may have taken other renowned influencers years to build may take a shorter time; you only have to put your best foot forward and give your best. Additionally, Melina believes if you want to thrive in this career, you must shun any negativity that comes your way.

There is no doubt Melina is made for greatness, and she will continue to soar high in her modeling career. She aspires to continue growing her social media, make a fortune from it, and consequently build a real estate empire. She envisions herself growing to become a brand ambassador for renowned brands. Melina also hopes to inspire other young people afraid of bringing their talents to the world to make bold moves and earn a living from social media. 

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Former LEO turned Martial Arts Expert, Matt Kelly Shares 7 Steps to Purposeful Living

Matt Patrick Kelly is a man of many talents. He is a published author, a poet, a former law enforcement officer, SWAT team member, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms Instructor with over 40 years of martial arts experience. Through his experiences, Kelly has gained insights and knowledge that he now shares with others through his speaking engagements and the Order of the Iron Rings, a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to living with purpose.

Kelly draws from his extensive experience in law enforcement and martial arts to help people achieve self-empowerment and live a more fulfilling life. He believes that everyone has the potential to live with purpose, but it takes dedication and effort to achieve that goal. In his speaking engagements, Kelly shares seven steps for a fulfilling life, which include finding a meaningful cause, seeking mastery in all pursuits, surrounding yourself with great people, being positive, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, having gratitude, and believing in something greater than yourself.

Here are the steps towards finding a purposeful life

  • Find a meaningful cause. 

This could be creating one or joining one that is true and meaningful. Giving from the heart is important, and a true and just cause should also give you tenets by which to live and act. This step can be a challenging one, but it is essential for those who want to live with purpose.

  • Seek mastery in all worthy pursuits. 

Kelly believes that people should be the best they can be at what is important to them. This requires living in the present and building a future, not looking in the rear-view mirror, remembering past glory days. Kelly encourages people to look to true, inspiring, and driven real people that are better than them. These examples should not discourage but encourage.

  • Surround yourself with great people is the third step towards a purposeful life.

Kelly believes that iron sharpens iron, and people are the sum total of the people they hang out with. It is essential to surround oneself with people who challenge and inspire them to be better.

  • Be positive. 

Kelly believes that it is too easy to be negative about everything and see nothing but the bad. The media and government are experts at this, designed to kill one’s spirit, cause fear, and make people dependent on their solutions. It takes training and time to flip this habitual way of thinking for the positive, but it can be done. If steps one, two, and three are already in place, this step becomes easier.

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Kelly believes that growth is not easy, or everyone would be the best version of themselves. It requires challenging oneself, waking up earlier, working out, having a daily routine, learning, reading, acting, and meditating.

  • Have gratitude. 

This means being grateful for what you have, where you are, and doing things as a role model to help others so that they can also experience gratitude.

  • Believe in something greater than yourself. 

Matt Patrick Kelly believes that this means believing in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and Christian values. This step provides people with a sense of purpose that goes beyond themselves, connecting them with something greater and more significant.

Kelly’s seven steps are designed to help people live with purpose and meaning. They are based on his extensive experience in law enforcement and martial arts, which has taught him the importance of self-empowerment and capability. Through his work with the Order of the Iron Rings, Kelly helps people from all walks of life gain the skills and attributes they need to live in an unpredictable world more fearlessly.

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