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James Ustby, Titan of the Financial Industry, Shares His Journey

The world is a part of a common rat race where people are sacrificing their personal life for a common goal: financial freedom, or in the traditional sense, “retirement”. People choose their jobs, their pay rates, and benefits based on the concept of retirement. But what does retirement really entail and why do people think they need to work until the arbitrary age of 65? It has become the basic need of existence today.  With financial stability, people don’t have to worry about purchasing something fancy or retiring early, to live the life they have always dreamt of.

Unfortunately, most people still follow the traditional path of having a job just to have a paycheck instead of delving into something that aligns with their long-term vision and goals. James Ustby, a titan of the financial industry and crypto expert, has stepped into this space to bridge the gap. He has dedicated his adult life to educating people about crypto and the transformation this technology can bring to their lives.

James Ustby grew up in a small town in Minnesota. During his high school and college days, James was yet to discover what was possible. He had an intuitive understanding that the traditional path he was being conditioned for wasn’t what’s meant for him. He always knew from a young age that he wanted to have his own business but figuring out what business that would be took some time as he tried several different business models. His time in college led him to the path of being a traditional financial advisor bearing the title “Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor” or APMA where he spent time managing retirement portfolios for more than 250 clients at a Fortune 500 financial services company.

James had a corporate job as his stepping stone in his career, not setting aside his pursuit of being an entrepreneur. As any entrepreneur knows, one has to keep trying and never give up until something eventually clicks. He tried venturing into business with a marketing agency, real estate, stocks, and even dropshipping until he stumbled upon cryptocurrency and immediately saw the groundbreaking potential in the industry. The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency fascinated him. Cryptocurrency is the way of the future, and since traditional finance was too slow to adopt it into their practices, James decided to start his own business centered around cryptocurrency education.

Gradually, James became more focused on achieving his financial goals for a secured life. This pushed him to learn the ins and outs of the crypto world.

After finding financial success in the realm of crypto at just 24, James decided to share his knowledge and experience with more people to help them accomplish their goals. Currently, James is a coach and mentor to numerous budding entrepreneurs helping them find ground through crypto. He offers smart business ideas to motivate people to move forward and live a financially independent life. His ideas are often tailored according to the risk tolerance and goals of a person. James believes that a second source of income is absolutely critical in today’s environment as the Covid-19 pandemic has shown everyone that traditional 9-5 jobs aren’t as secure as they’re made out to be. Learning how to add new sources of income opens up possibilities of being able to do more with your life and allows you to take on more risk.

Today, James is known as a prominent figure in the financial industry, especially in the crypto space where 7-figure business owners turn to him for guidance in cryptocurrency.  He is the founder of Valiant Marketing & Advertising Agency and co-founder of Both companies are running successfully under his passionate guidance.

James’ time serving clients in the corporate environment to help them achieve their retirement goals has always been something that has brought great joy and satisfaction to him. Now he’s found an opportunity to continue helping people achieve those goals through this new asset class.

The biggest opportunity in James’ career so far is winning over the hearts and minds of people to a new way of creating freedom in their own lives through cryptocurrency. In no other industry will you see the types of returns that are happening right now in crypto. James Ustby believes that understanding cryptocurrency is the single most important thing that you can do for yourself financially in your lifetime.

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Real Estate Investor Rudy Lira Kusuma Shares How He Produces Millionaire Realtors

As one of the fastest-growing industries in America, real estate has become a highly competitive field. This is due to an increase in both sales and property values, as well as decreased inventory across the country. However, while many realtors are flourishing in this environment and making six-figure salaries per year, others may be slowed down by the number of time-consuming elements involved with a typical real estate transaction. A key element to success is having a scalable model that produces results while preserving quality service levels at all times—something many realtors and agents struggle with. Rudy Lira Kusuma, CEO of one of California’s fastest-growing real estate brokerages, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, has found a way to support agents with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed in this industry.

Rudy’s company offers a white label program to help high-performing agents reach millionaire status by outsourcing some aspects of the business and focusing on what they do best: selling homes. Through the private labeling process, Rudy and the Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty team work behind the scenes so agents can focus on client relations and sales. Taking care of the administrative services frees up valuable time for the agent, allowing them to concentrate more on client acquisition and sales. That doesn’t mean that YHSGR takes over the entire process—the customer continues to work one-on-one with the agent they’ve come to know and trust.

A veteran in the real estate business, Rudy observes that few realtors get into the business because they enjoy doing back-office work. Instead, the thrill of hunting and closing lucrative deals for your clients attracts the majority to become realtors. Rudy’s mission is to help them achieve their goals and scale their businesses in the shortest time possible. Whether you are an agent, team, or independent broker, the YHSGR team can help you transform your business and achieve your goals. The team’s services include dealing with back-office work, brokerage, legal, compliance, audit, transaction coordination, conveyance, marketing, and advertising.

In addition to the white-label program, Rudy and his team also offer partnership and mentorship programs for new agents. Rudy acknowledges that many barriers to entry in the real estate market can discourage and demotivate new agents or realtors. The YHSRG partnership program offers Rudy’s expertise in acquiring the most lucrative deals in any market and gives agents access to high-quality technology at no cost. The benefits agents who sign up for this partnership enjoy include leads and appointments acquired for them, no cold calling, no person-to-person sales pitches, and no prospecting to find leads.

The qualifications for agents to join this partnership are straightforward too. The key qualities YHSRG have in common include openness to new ways of doing business, a desire to escalate income, self-drive, and coachability. A good work ethic is also crucial for prospective agents who want to succeed in the real estate space. Currently, YHSRG is the only brokerage firm that generates leads for its agents and mentors them to earn 7-figure incomes, which Rudy hopes to continue doing for many years in the future. The goal is to help 1,000 real estate agents succeed in California by December 30, 2024.

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Matthew Mercury’s exclusive men’s and women’s luxury watches attain massive momentum in the luxury watch industry.

The more we speak about how things have been changing around the world, owing to the constant developments made by people and businesses, the more we feel the need to talk about those who bring in these changes and growth for the world to know their genius. It is essential today to throw more light on the success a few people and their brands and businesses have created in their respective industries as that can inspire others to create their unique niches in their respective niches. When it comes to the luxury watch markets of the world, there have been tons of watch brands and success stories that have shown the promise to offer the best quality watches to all those who seek luxury on their wrists. Among them, one name that has consistently made its unique name, even amidst significant competition, is Matthew Mercury.

It is often the products that a brand offers through its platform that create the buzz for its overall business. In the case of Matthew Mercury, each of their timepieces and collection have stood different and unique from the rest, which has what allowed the much-talked-about Swiss quality brand to become a huge name in the industry over the years. When it comes to Matthew Mercury, it is about top-quality luxury watches at unbeatable prices. Honest watchmaking is at the core of the company, and hence every watch in their collection is crafted with Swiss movement made by Ronda, a historical watchmaker who has been around the 20th century. As a watchmaking brand, Matthew Mercury’s excellence in the luxury watch market has allowed it to expand into different luxury watch products, adding more oomph to a person’s personality.

Matthew Mercury is aimed at consistently making higher quality products at affordable prices. Its final craft assembly is handmade in Hong Kong, under the quality supervision of craftsmen who hold more than 30+ years of experience in the industry. Making these watches into timeless pieces for men and women with top-notch quality is a prime reason that has helped the brand Matthew Mercury stand apart.

Do not forget to follow it on Instagram @matthewmercury to know more.

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An Inside Into Eugene Johnson’s Incredible Journey

Technology is taking over and changing how things are done in many industries. According to experts, this trend is irreversible and what we are currently experiencing is just a taste of what is yet to come. One visionary ready for that is Eugene Johnson, a serial entrepreneur, author, and early adopter of emergent technology. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Revi, a technology solution for restaurants that uses an in-store digital and mobile ordering system to streamline the ordering process, gather analytics, and reconnect with users post-purchase. A high-energy leader with disruptive solutions to everyday challenges, Johnson’s mission is to build amazing businesses and products that impact the world positively. His life and success alone inspire many entrepreneurs and individuals with big dreams.

As a child, Johnson grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in New York City. From an early age, he knew he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life fighting for the meager resources in his neighborhood and began laying the groundwork for a better future. At 18, he started his entrepreneurial pursuits and used that as a ticket to get out of his neighborhood. Even at that age, Johnson knew he needed to go big. Though he had little experience, he was wise enough to align himself with successful people who were doing great things in their industries. Under their mentorship, he established his first brand and scaled it in a short amount of time.

At the end of Johnson’s first 9 years as an entrepreneur, he had built a sales team of hundreds of people. Additionally, he made millions of dollars in sales directly and billions indirectly through training sales organizations. After that period, Johnson sold a portion of the company to his friend and took time off to travel and figure out his next step. Reenergized and ready to continue his legacy, Johnson returned to the business landscape and started an investment business that specializes in buying and selling stocks and crypto. At that time, he also started a brand business where he trained corporations and individuals on leadership development, sales, and organizational scaling. Additionally, he also wrote a bestselling book, The Mental Playbook.

For the next few years, Johnson dedicated all his time and effort to the brand business before joining an early-stage company called Meraki. When he came on board, the company only had about 60-70 employees. Over the next 5 years, he and his team grew the employees to over 3000 and sold the company to Cisco for $1.2B. It was at this company that Johnson got the idea of Revi. After the sale of the company, he took the lessons he learned and started his own company officially in Jan 2018. He then pivoted the company in Nov 2018 and launched the current version of Revi in February 2019.

Over the years, Johnson has grown from a ghetto kid from New York City to a market leader commanding boardrooms in major cities worldwide. His advice to aspiring business owners and other individuals is simple, “Don’t try to win in a day. Take the necessary steps.” For businesses, he adds, “Get into tech sooner, your opportunity to scale and earn is greater.”


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