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How DailyAbay Is Revolutionizing the Traditional Financial Industry

Financial institutions, particularly banks, must automate or digitize to remain in business in this fast-paced digital world. The entrance of the super-efficient and convenient FinTech sector has threatened their survival, hence the need to keep up with the changes. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 was a wake-up call for financial institutions that still relied on archaic ways of doing business. Businesses were forced to work remotely, and consumer habits changed to embrace digitization.

Blockchain technology is widely regarded as one of the revolutionary technologies of 2020, which has impacted numerous diverse sectors. It is a reliable and convenient system of recording and sharing data uniquely that prohibits any alterations. It’s a shared transactional ledger accessible to everyone on the blockchain. Its invention has been a significant addition to the finance world, especially in curbing cases of fraud and enhancing transparency.

Moch Akbar Azzihad M, or DailyAbay, is popularly known as an expert in the finance field and one of its proponents. Abay is also a successful entrepreneur, designer, influencer, and founder of numerous companies spread across various sectors. He is the founder and CEO of Converco, the world’s largest and most trusted digital banking platform in the new digital world. The serial entrepreneur also owns many other businesses, including Bygazz Racing, where he is the founder and CEO. Abay also shares a profound passion for coaching other people, including brands and businesses, to improve their online presence and engagements.

Abay took an interest in revolutionizing the financial world after an encounter with some unscrupulous traders. In 2017, Abay had a business where he was selling goods for cryptocurrency mining. It was a well-established business with clients from various parts of Indonesia. However, Abay used to receive payments using PayPal because no company accepted PayPal payments. The challenge arose in that some of the goods returned were never the same as goods sent. Though he raised numerous complaints to PayPal, Abay still incurred losses that amounted to over $500,000.

This fueled his desire for a more robust financial industry, which led him to build Converco in 2019. His primary mission was to create a platform to help people stay financially safe. Converco is entirely designed with blockchain technology that digitizes every transaction. In addition, it is easy to use and secure with support for high-volume micro-payment transactions. Abay takes pride in the company’s program that allows for cross-border transactions with super low fees that swiftly revolutionized the traditional financial industry. Essentially, transacting with Converco guarantees both efficiency and transparency in a regulated and protected channel.

Abay also wants to inspire and motivate the next generation of dreamers to go after what they are passionate about. He considers his success to be a classic example of hard work, resilience, and enthusiasm that enable him to triumph over any obstacle in his way.

“I want other people to be enthusiastic even though they don’t have experience. Do something today, don’t delay it. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry!” adds Abay.

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