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Fièra Cosmetics: Unravelling the Secrets of Youthfulness 

It is no wonder that proper skin care can reverse the visible signs of premature aging or even delay them to a certain extent. Considering this, women above 40 need to level up their skincare game because as we age, our skin tends to get drier, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. While the market is bustling with skincare brands and cosmetic products that have a generic approach to skin concerns, one brand is standing tall as a secret to youthfulness: Fièra Cosmetics, one of the fastest-growing brands that is revolutionizing skincare for women over 40. 

Fièra Cosmetics was founded to close a major gap in the beauty and skincare industry. The team behind the brand realized that the industry was, in many ways, neglecting a vibrant demographic. They noticed that the majority of the products on the market were designed for younger skin, while women above 40 craved a solution that was tailored to their unique skin concerns. This is where Fièra has stepped in with its game-changing approach. 

A breakthrough concealer marked the beginning of Fièra Cosmetics’ journey. The product turned out to be a savior for those battling with the stubborn signs of aging. Previously, liquid concealers were storming the beauty industry but added to many women’s woes, settling into fine lines and accentuating wrinkles rather than concealing them. Fièra’s experts engineered a formula that covered not only different signs of aging, such as dark circles and discoloration, but also hydrated and nourished the skin with a range of enriching skincare ingredients. It is a game-changing, hydrating, creaseless cream concealer that perfectly hides imperfections and also transforms the skin with frequent use, making it visibly plumper, smoother, and more radiant. 

After Fièra’s concealer became a resounding success, women over 40 demanded more skincare products attuned to their specific needs. Catering to the needs of its existing and potential customers, Fièra Cosmetics promptly launched a range of skincare products, each meticulously formulated to defy the skin concerns that come with age. The range of skincare products was well-received by the target demographic, who poured in their support, fuelling Fièra’s growth to unprecedented heights. 

Fièra Cosmetics witnessed a staggering 300% year-over-year growth, solidifying its position in the realm of beauty and wellness. Its Luxury Concealer has now claimed its spot as the fifth top-selling concealer on the Amazon platform. Fièra’s growth is not only limited to cosmetic products. The brand has also showcased its commitment to social welfare. Fièra Cosmetics has recently donated an impressive 3 million meals through a partnership with two esteemed food rescue groups, Food Rescue US and Second Harvest Canada. The brand is not only nourishing skin but also helping people fight against hunger and food waste. 

Fièra Cosmetics has redefined beauty standards, celebrating the elegance that comes with age. The brand aims to reinstall confidence and self-assurance in women all over, that goes beyond mere skincare. Fièra Cosmetics wants people to value holistic well-being and not just superficial beauty. 

With an incredible collection of skincare products, Fièra Cosmetics is embracing the spotlight in the over-saturated beauty and wellness industry. The brand is reshaping the concept of beauty for women over 40 with its passion for innovation. Fièra Cosmetics is not just a brand but a symbol of empowerment for women in a world that needs more focus on self-care.

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From Brothers to Business: The Inspiring Journey of YoungLA

YoungLA, the clothing brand designed by brothers Dashmeet and Gurmer Singh, is hosting a Black Friday launch with a week-long sale beginning November 21st. The sale will feature more than 200 new items, and the entire site will be 30% off for the whole week. As a brand that has expanded from fitness into lifestyle clothing, YoungLA is positioned to become a household name in the industry. However, the road to success has been an extensive journey from two brothers to a company with more than 150 employees and hundreds of athletes worldwide.

Founded by brothers with a shared vision for fashion, YoungLA started as a fitness brand with the critical concept of mixing affordability and comfortability. Despite having grown into a massive company with hundreds of employees, the brothers at YoungLA initially envisioned a business with a family-like culture, and they continue to provide that feel for their customers. Establishing themselves and finding success amongst other brands with longer-standing reputations was an immense challenge. However, maintaining a relentless focus on creating distinct, trendsetting designs, coupled with their unwavering devotion to customer satisfaction, has enabled the company to build a loyal fan base and effectively rise above the competition.

Alongside the many reasons for their loyal customers are how YoungLA has separated itself from its competitors. With their various styles of clothes and monthly clothing drops, the YoungLA community has been built with athletes and influencers worldwide. It has recently reached the notable benchmark of one million followers on Instagram. Their incredibly growing popularity is a direct reflection of the passion and commitment of the Singh brothers and their steadfast work ethic. Gurmer and Dashmeet are devoted innovators who have now crafted a multi-faceted company that takes pride in not only its work but connecting with those who support the brand. By remaining passionate and caring and continually working to provide new ways to improve the brand and the lives of others, YoungLA is being held in high regard for both its innovation and its philanthropic work.

YoungLA is committed to giving back and continues to donate to various local hospitals and schools around southern California. For example, the company has recently released an exclusive racing jacket with all proceeds dedicated to the Boys and Girls Club. Currently growing its women’s line, YoungLAForHer, the company is consistently taking strides to reach the pinnacles of customer satisfaction and continue to give back to the community. While many businesses are excellent at pretending to care about their customers, the Singh brothers at YoungLA are transparent with their moral convictions. As customers feel the dignity behind the brand, the company continues to grow in popularity, which recently culminated in a block party hosted by YoungLA where they held a meet and greet with over 15,000 people from around the world. The sold-out event occurred at the Long Beach Convention Center and was so successful that YoungLA plans to make the event an annual gathering. Until then, customers can look forward to the upcoming Black Friday sale, set to begin on Tuesday, November 21st. As mentioned above, everything on the site will be 30% off. The monumental drop that is sure to impress, will feature hundreds of items and officially go live at noon PST. Don’t miss it!

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Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova and The House of Arts Gallery Celebrate Art and Culture with a Spectacular Solo Art Exhibition

The House of Arts Gallery, situated in the heart of Miami, celebrated an extraordinarily unique opening night this weekend, with the display of legendary Martina Navratilova’s 20 unique artworks specially curated by Adriana de Moura and attended by an illustrious group of guests, including art collectors and the renowned tennis player, Venus Williams. The Gallery welcomed over 200 attendees to the event.

The highlight of the evening was Martina Navratilova’s presence at Opening Night giving guests and collectors the opportunity to interact with the tennis legend and artist herself as Martina Navratilova graced the exhibition providing insights into the creative process behind her art. The stunning collection of Martina demonstrated her talent not only on the tennis court but also in the world of visual arts. Navratilova’s paintings reflected her passion and skill, captivating the audience with a unique perspective and a singular artistic language using paint, tennis balls, her own tennis racket, fragments of clay from the court and authentic turf from past games.

To the guests delight, Venus Williams, another legend of tennis, attended the event in support of her fellow athlete and friend, Martina Navratilova. Williams, known for her passion for art, praised the exhibited works and emphasized the significance of events like this in promoting artistic culture in Miami. Martina’s wife, Julia Lemigova was also in attendance, as well as Guerdy Abraira, both castmates from reality tv show The Real Housewives of Miami. 

THE ART OF TENNIS – Martina Navratilova Exhibition Highlights:

  • Clay, Green, and Blue Series: Explore Navratilova’s art through her captivating series inspired by iconic tennis courts. From the authentic fragments of Roland Garros’ clay to the lush green of Wimbledon and the vibrant blue of the US Open, each series offers a visual journey through the essence of these renowned tournaments.
  • The Art of Tennis: Discover the mesmerizing synergy between the art of tennis and traditional artistic expression. Navratilova’s art masterfully translates her tennis skills onto canvas, highlighting the connection between skill, precision, innovation, and self-awareness in both her athletic and artistic pursuits.

About The House of Arts

The House of Arts was founded in 2010 as a digital gallery. The Gallery space opened to high acclaim in November of 2022, on the cusp of the Design District and Wynwood areas. The building is an independent building with 8,500 SQ FT of indoor and outdoor spaces. A unique space created for a new form of consumer experience, carefully planned to house what is most relevant and innovative in the segments of art, fashion, design, technology, and its universe of current consumer behavior.

Since opening it has been responsible for over 30 opening exhibitions, promoted several cultural and charitable events, engaged with the arts community, and represents over 60 artists under its current art portfolio. The Gallery has become a cultural epicenter in Miami, and it is redefining the art space. Martina Navratilova’s exhibition is just one example of the gallery’s ongoing commitment to bringing international art and innovation to the city.

The House of Arts (THOA) is the Art Division of the ThePowerHouse Holdco, led by Alessandra Gold, the Company’s CEO, an accomplished Fashion Designer and Businesswoman, her deep team of art professional are highlighted by Curator Jade Matarazzo, who has been actively involved in the art scene for over two decades. The group has been revitalizing Miami’s art scene by promoting innovative initiatives and creating a vibrant space for international art, design, and fashion

Sponsors for the event: Brick Top Holdings, Hotel Collection Wine, Paradise Prosecco Company, Topo Chico Mineral Water and Aroma 360. Photo Credits: Dwaine Byrd Photography , OneShotMia.

The House of Arts Location Video:

The House of Arts (THOA) Gallery – The Art of Tennis Solo Exhibition

Julia Lemigova from Real Housewives of Miami , Martina Navratilova, Venus Williams and Adriana de Moura 

(left) Adriana de Moura and Alessandra Gold, The House of Arts THOA / CEO 

(right) Martina Navratilova with Alessandra Gold THOA/CEO

Samuel Bernstein, President of THOA, Alexander and Courtney Bafer Brick Top Holdings, Kevin Kirstein THOA Business Development Manager 

(left) Guerdy Abraira from Real Housewives of Miami with castmate and the exhibition Curator Adriana de Moura

(right) Alessandra Gold, Venus Williams and Adriana de Moura 

Guerdy Abraira, Martina Navratilova, Julia Lemigova, Adriana de Moura, Alessandra Gold, Jade Matarazzo ,THOA Curator

Guerdy Abraira, Alessandra Gold, Adriana de Moura Exhibition Curator and Jade Matarazzo ,THOA Curator

THOA Press | | Phone: +1 401-524-1222 (Alessandra Gold)

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Meet Maestros Joyeros, The New Name Synonymous With Luxury 

The world of luxury jewelry is no stranger to opulence and grandeur. It’s where timeless elegance meets modern-day sophistication. But, every once in a while, a new name emerges, shifting paradigms and redefining luxury. Cesar Villegas’s Maestros Joyeros is one brand that effortlessly blends tradition with innovation. Thanks to a perfect blend of centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, renowned celebrities and stars worldwide have adorned themselves with Cesar Villegas’s signature style at countless events.

A frequent traveler to Los Angeles, Cesar’s collaborations with various artists in the city have propelled his designs into a league of their own. These aren’t just any custom designs, though. They’re the perfect blend of centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. For Cesar jewelry isn’t just a business; it’s a legacy coursing through his veins. Passed down through generations, Cesar hasn’t just picked the reins but also added a revolutionary twist to the family heritage.

“My great-grandfather started becoming interested in selling jewelry and it all started from there,” Cesar reveals. “My grandmother, his daughter continued his work, and it has been a part of the family for generations.” Great as these founders’ work was, Cesar knew his own practice had to keep up with the times to stay ahead of the curve in the jewelry market. That’s how he landed on infusing technology into big custom jewelry pieces. This marriage between the past and the future has made Cesar one of the most sought-after custom jewelers today.

The collaboration with Natanael Cano is a huge testament to Cesar’s reputation and prowess. As Cano geared up for a massive performance at Mexico’s largest festival and the launch of his album “NATAKONG,” he envisioned a showstopper piece. Working together with Cesar brought a gorilla-shaped masterpiece integrated with a PCV card with Wi-Fi. The piece was linked to an app and the whole operation was powered by a rechargeable battery. This $300,000 conversation starter wasn’t just a piece of jewelry; it was a loud statement that people heard loud and clear.

Cano is one of many celebrities who’ve turned to Maestros Joyeros’s innovative styles when they need more than just glitz and glamour. Cesar’s genius thrives in such challenges, and he always delivers. By continually looking for ways to modernize his pieces, he’s successfully ensured that Maestros Joyeros is never left behind as the market evolves.

Unmatched quality and craftsmanship have also contributed to this success. From the pristine streets of Antwerp to the bustling bazaars of Mumbai, Cesar and his team work relentlessly, partnering with global suppliers to source the finest diamonds, gold, and other gems. To Cesar, these raw materials do not just represent a state-of-the-art jewelry design; they’re a quest for perfection and distinction.

“We always want the best quality,” he explains. “Jewelry has been a part of the family for generations and I want to continue that legacy but with a modern twist.” His goal is to elevate his family legacy and so far he has managed to do so spectacularly. Every new piece and every collaboration he’s forged brings with it a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation, making it more than just an accessory. Cesar Villegas’s ultimate goal is to scale Maestros Joyeros further, making it a household name in the custom jewelry industry worldwide.

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