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Dr Alexis Parcells tells all about her latest venture as a plastic surgeon and educator, SUNNIE:

In recent years studies have shown the number of people getting cosmetic procedures has risen steadily over the past five years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), nearly a quarter-million more cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018 than in 2017. Getting plastic surgery is not a trend it’s all about size acceptance and body positivity. Moreover, it’s about Self-love. The decision to seek plastic or reconstructive surgery is a very personal one and not easy for all to make but if you are looking for a place that helps you get your desired body then the answer is Sunnie.

Sunnie has provided their service to enhance people’s natural beauty by using a procedure that will result in beautiful, natural results that make them feel more confident about themselves and their appearance.

Dr Alexis Parcells, owner of Sunnie is one of the renowned doctors in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Georgetown University and her medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. It was there where she met her husband Bert Parcells, an orthopaedic surgeon. She completed her plastic surgery residency at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Sunnie provides nonsurgical interventions like Botox, fillers, and CO2 laser resurfacing. And Dr Parcells excel in breast lifts, reductions, reconstructions, implant surgery, breast revisions, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, liposuction, labiaplasty, and upper eyelid surgery.

Presently, apart from running the clinic, Dr Parcells is a clinical instructor to medical students and residents at Rutgers RWJ Barnabas Health. Her excellence in teaching was recognized with two Golden Apple nominations from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Alexis is strongly involved in the academic plastic surgery community and has authored several textbooks and writings in professional journals. Distinguished as a breast surgery expert, Dr Parcells has authored several textbooks and professional journal articles. She has presented her original research at numerous national and international meetings, including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Brussels, Paris, Madrid.

You can simply contact them by calling (732) 863-2941 or visit their website.


To know more about Dr Alexis Parcells, follow her on her social media handles as well as all the organisations she is associated with:

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Mini Mani Moo® Beauty Makes Luxury Skincare Accessible

In recent years, the luxury skincare market has seen an explosion of products designed to cater to the needs of all skin types as brands try to fulfill growing customer demands. However, for many consumers, these products are out of reach. Luxury skincare products are expensive, making it difficult for those with a limited budget to purchase them. Most of these products are also only available in select stores. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty is now challenging this.

Led by CEO and Co-Founder Andreina Landis, Mini Mani Moo® Beauty is making luxury skincare accessible to everyone. They have partnered with retailers from around the world who are helping them get their products to consumers everywhere. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty products are available in retail stores in Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Chile, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the USA.

In the US, Mini Mani Moo® Beauty products are sold in thousands of retail stores, from Sally Beauty to Nordstrom, HSN, and other smaller stores and salons. They also ship worldwide directly to your door.

According to Andreina, their goal is to have their products in stores across the globe. “We want to continue to grow our product line and brand and expand into the rest of the world that we’re not in yet,” says Andreina. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty has registered their trademark in the US, the UK, Canada, the EU, Australia, Mexico, and Japan, which it just received. 

“Tokyo is our next target. We feel the colorful imagery of our brand will really resonate there. We are also working on having Mini Mani Moo® Beauty in stores in Dubai and the rest of Southeast Asia, which I believe will help us provide people with clean and affordable luxury skincare products,” says Andreina. 

Mini Mani Moo® Beauty is an eco-friendly brand. When Andreina started the company in 2014, she wanted to create an affordable luxury skincare brand that was free from toxic chemicals and would help Mother Nature heal. She believes nature has some of the best ingredients to keep the skin young and glowing for longer, and together with her team, they have been using it to help their customers get clearer healthier skin. 

All Mini Mani Moo® products are scientifically tested and are free of sulfates and parabens. Their products are formulated without using any animal-derived ingredients or animal testing. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty also uses sustainable packaging. Their products are packaged in heavy stylish glass bottles. Since its launch, they have formulated over 350 beauty and skincare products, including Chrome Powders, Gel No More, Gel Pusher, and their most recent, Ms. Moo™ and Toro Cosmeceuticals

Late last year, Mini Mani Moo® Beauty unveiled its two new lines: Ms. Moo™ for women and Toro Cosmeceuticals™ for men. The products are available on the company’s website.

As shoppers become more aware of their skin types, many are looking for products specifically designed for their individual needs. But finding them hasn’t been easy for many reasons, including price and accessibility. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty looks to change this by bridging the gap between the consumer and manufacturers. They are also pushing for skincare and beauty products free from toxic chemicals.

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A Look Into the Creative Process of Pro Makeup Artist, Nataliya Stefani 

In the last few decades, makeup has moved ahead from being just a camouflage or a mere way of beautification. Instead, it has evolved to become an art that unleashes the creative skills of millions of makeup artists around the world. From natural luminous looks to bold eyes and even the stunning purplish blush, makeup is thriving on thousands of trends because of modern makeup artists who are unapologetic with their art. Nataliya Stefani, a self-taught makeup artist, is taking social media by storm with her unique creativity. Besides showcasing her exceptional creative skills through digital content, Nataliya works with top makeup brands around the globe. 

Nataliya Stefani has always been creative, and she found a way to satiate her aspirations through makeup. It all started as a hobby but soon escalated into a passion. After obtaining a degree in Law and Business on the Gold Coast, Australia, Nataliya started working as a Marketing Manager in the corporate space. To achieve the satisfaction that her job failed to offer, Nataliya chose to share her love for creative makeup with the world through her Instagram. Soon, her skills started getting noticed, and renowned makeup brands offered her a place on their PR lists. 

It wasn’t long before known Australian makeup brands approached her to create paid content for their social media profile and ads. This was her first step to becoming a professional makeup artist of international fame. As Nataliya’s social media account began growing, offers of paid media contracts came pouring in from globally renowned makeup brands. Seeing this as an opportunity to pursue her passion as a mainstay career, Nataliya quit her corporate job to become a full-time professional makeup artist. 

To date, Nataliya has worked with some leading makeup brands worldwide. The list includes Morphe, Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Patrick Ta Beauty, Lilly Lashes, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Kaja Beauty, Moxie Lash, and some Australian companies, including Australis, BYS, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, and Glamraider. She plans to relocate to Los Angeles to fulfill bigger dreams and continue her professional relationship with US based makeup companies. 

Nataliya’s creativity with makeup is regularly featured on makeup websites, social media profiles, ads, and marketing emails. She is working as an affiliate with Patrick Ta Beauty, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, PLouise Makeup Academy, Morphe, Colourpop, BPerfect Cosmetics, and Moxie Lash, to name a few. She has also created content for some high-profile makeup collaborations for Colourpop including BTS, Barbie, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Winnie the Pooh, and for Morphe with Mickey Mouse, Sour Patch Kids, and Lucky Charms. 

Starting her career as an influencer in the highly-competitive social media space, Nataliya has become unstoppable in her field. She has been invited to attend makeup events for Fenty Beauty, KVD, and Patrick Ta Beauty. Now she will also showcase her craft in Television, commercials, and music videos in LA. Nataliya hopes to continue strengthening her bonds with makeup brands and scale higher in her career, pushing boundaries with her creative craft.

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Rabbit Mr. Do It – “Like A Star” (Official Music Video)

Rabbit Mr. Do It is back on the scene with his latest single, “Like A Star.” The talented free agent NFL cornerback Jenoris Jenkins is known for his talents on the field, but now he is on a different level. His hits on the field are turning into hits in the booth. 


His newest single shows him flexing, hanging out the window of a whip with his homies in a fire SUV truck. “Jackrabbit,” aka Mr. DO IT, will be a household name if he commits his time to music like he did to football. 



He is known for his flashy plays, and now he has taken off the helmet so everyone can see who he is. The new single is the latest from his BLITZ HOUSE imprint. 


There has been a lot of talk about how his transition will fare, but he knows that he will give music his all. He shouts out his family on the dope new track and further proves why he has been the breadwinner in his tribe for the longest. 


Watch the music video from the ex-NFL star Rabbit Mr. Do It today!


Instagram : @clampz2.0

Instagram : @rabbit_mrdoit

tiktok: @rabbit_mr.doit


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