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“Epic Investor” Keaton Luther Is Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Investing in stocks and trading in the stock market is becoming more popular due to its promise of financial freedom. Moreover, many companies dedicated to educating people about the ins and outs of the industry are surfacing left and right. Keaton Luther, a serial investor, is one of these people who helps others realize the value of trading and investing in stocks to gain massive profits.

Keaton has an impressive resume, which he uses effectively to attract investors and help others succeed financially through investing and trading. He’s the product of the highly prestigious Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he earned a degree in business administration. In addition, Keaton holds certifications in stocks, foreign exchange, and future commodities trading from the Trading Academy.

Keaton maintains that investing and trading stocks is one of the best, if not the best, ways to earn passive income. To maximize his ability to educate others, he launched his learning platform Epic Academy. Through this academy, Keaton shares his knowledge with people, regardless of their age, economic status, and educational background.

Epic Academy aims to empower potential investors and traders with a deep understanding of the trading industry, which is vital in their journey to success. Building your basic knowledge is essential as this will determine the literal and figurative amount of success you will receive. Keaton has never been selfish about his skills and expertise because he knows the struggle to learn everything in trading from scratch.

Aside from Epic Academy, Keaton owns Luther Capital, a capital management firm, another successful company. The company is instrumental in the financial growth of other companies through its high-quality investment advisory services. Luther Capital has a team of 89 employees and 57 investment professionals who work together to help their clients get the maximum return from their investments.

As a hedge fund manager, Keaton has produced whopping returns on capital for his investors. Recently, he turned heads by raking in the highest return of investment in the last five years. Keaton accumulated 260% returns, surpassing major investment firms like Goldman Sachs, Tiger Global, and Morgan Stanley. With this feat, Keaton has cemented his status as the premier investment and trading expert.

Throughout his career, Keaton has consistently faced one challenge: producing profits in any market condition. He and his clients invest a significant amount of money in specific stocks, and they do it wisely. However, when things are rough, he has trouble looking for chances to still grow his and his clients’ money. This situation made Keaton mature in the field and develop effective strategies.

Keaton has an automated trading system currently in the works, which he hopes to launch in the near future. He plans to integrate his strategies and implement them with 99% accuracy and efficiency with this system. Keaton hopes to continue impressing and helping people with his success as a stock trader and investor. You can follow him on his Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok pages to learn more about him.

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