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Why the Top Life Insurance Agents Are Flocking to Family First Life

Being a life insurance agent can be rewarding, but it also goes without saying that it’s much more challenging than your usual office job. It’s highly competitive, takes a lot of confidence, and comes with lots and lots of rejections. It’s a hard industry to thrive in, which is why without professional help it’s virtually impossible to make it big as an agent. This is where Family First Life (FFL) is different.

FFL is an Independent Marketing Organization that provides guidance and support to agents in the field. They help them provide final expense life insurance, mortgage protection life insurance, and retirement planning to clients while securing financial freedom for themselves. Unlike other agencies, FFL offers resources and benefits that you can’t easily find anywhere else.

One of the most well-known life insurance agents in the U.S. today, Andrew Taylor, can attest to how FFL has changed his life. Before joining the team, he was a grocery bagger who was barely earning enough to pay his accumulating debt. This was when he realized that he will never attain financial freedom if he’s going to settle for less.

In 2014, Andrew decided to partner with FFL and he couldn’t be more thankful for the IMO’s help in boosting his career. Unlike other companies, Family First Life offered free training, leads, and high compensation levels. The team also welcomed him warmly and he was treated with respect from day one.

Fast forward to today, he’s now the founder and president of FFL U.S.A. and he became the youngest partner of Integrity Marketing Group (IMG). He has sold millions of dollars in insurance, run tens of thousands of appointments, and helped thousands of agents become successful in the industry. He’s also respected and looked up to by many on Facebook and Instagram for his expertise.

Andrew is not the only one enjoying success. Other life insurance agents credit their success to FFL on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. Along with the clients, they are the company’s priority, and it’s system works to their benefit. If you want a company that will guide you through your journey in the life insurance industry, FFL is what you’re looking for.

Family First Life is where many of the country’s best life insurance experts gather to use their knowledge and years of experience to educate aspiring agents. They have a solid plan for agents that will guarantee them success in the field as long as they put in their best effort. This is something that FFL will always emphasize. The company will be with you to provide you the necessities, but you will have to put in the consistent work.

Thousands of life insurance agents have experienced financial freedom thanks to the guidance and resources provided by Family First Life. To reach more people, the company has opened multiple offices across the country. In the future, the IMO aims to continue dominating the life insurance industry and continue providing the best of the best to its agents and clients.

You can connect with Andrew Taylor on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram.

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Grow Your Digital Marketing Brand With Amnads’ Affiliate Marketing App

Influencer marketing is a type of social networking or digital marketing whereby brands or businesses profit from the enormous popularity of social media influencers. These influencers are at the top of the influencers list on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, and other platforms where businesses would like to target their audience.

According to recent studies, the influencer marketing sector increased from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $13.8 billion in 2021, with a projected market growth anticipated to reach over $16.4 billion. This growth demonstrates the success of business and brand uptake.

Platforms like Amnads offer a better method of connecting with influencers, enabling companies to select the appropriate influencers for each sector, deal with them directly through the platform, and guarantee success. 

Amnads is Saudi Arabia’s leading influencer marketing and affiliate marketing brand helping connect brands and influencers.

Amnads was founded at the beginning of 2022. It has since significantly expanded with over 3,000 influencers and expanded its services across the Middle East. It plans to extend its reach to North Africa as well. Amnads promotes and develops the operational business of advertising through influencers, enabling owners of online shops and applications to advertise with a commission per order. Amnads enables operators of online shops and software apps to provide value for brands and influencers. With the aid of a team that specializes in influencer advertising, the platform gives its clients access to a sizable number of active influencers throughout the Middle East.

Amnads uses a variety of strategies, most notably commission-based marketing, to make it easier for influencers to run advertising campaigns. Also, Amnads’ enormous network of active publishers enables advertising to reach an infinitely large potential market. To exploit the app’s limitless potential, you can sign up as an advertiser on Amnads. Additionally, the committed Amnads team of marketing experts will assist you in matching your brand with the most appropriate influencers to further your objectives.

Amnads stands out as one of the few risk-free marketing platforms. Their adaptive analytics and follow-up procedures, which substantially remove the possibility of setbacks, greatly enhance this. Amnads will give you information on the results of the development of your campaign for efficient procedures and achievement of the intended results. This is made possible through a thorough and precise report of events. The Amnads team will then continue to manage and keep an eye on your campaigns and advertisements to ensure that everything is completed on time.

Because their followers tend to trust influencers’ recommendations, Amnads helps these influencers gain a sizable following with a profound influence on their purchasing decisions. This gives businesses and brands a fantastic chance to market their goods and services because it shows that they rely on experts in their respective industries.

Continuous innovation and adaptation will continue to be essential areas of focus for the Amnads app as they move forward. The goal is to develop and incorporate new technologies for improved platform usability and efficiency. Amnads has the same goal of dominating the advertising market by assisting in its regulation.


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Aliyah Dastour Builds a Lucrative Business During a Recession

A recession is a major drop in economic activity and can last for months—or years, in the worst case. Authorities announce a recession when a country’s economy struggles, experiences a negative gross domestic product (GDP), a high level of unemployment, manufacturers make fewer sales, and the nation’s inclusive economic productivity goes down. Recessions are an inevitable share of the business cycle and depend on multiple factors, such as an unexpected economic shock, asset bubbles, too much inflation/deflation, high-tech change, and unwarranted debt. 

Aliyah Dastour lost her job during the last recession. Unfortunately, she also lost her marriage as she divorced her husband around the same time. With her growing need to make a living and feed and care for her young daughter, she shifted to Virginia and secured a job in an afterschool program, ‘Casa,’ where she would take care of kids whose parents were working and couldn’t pick them up straight after school. She used to earn $17 per hour, which was not even enough to cover her bills, causing her to illegally bring her daughter to work to cut down on babysitter costs.

Aliyah was a supervisor at Casa for four years and loved her job—she enjoyed the work and loved kids. She needed a camera to take photos of her daughter and saved up $500 to purchase it, eventually buying one off Craigslist. Aliyah would take the camera to work, snap pictures of the kids, forward them to their parents, and print out portraits. This aroused the passion she had for portrait photography since she was a teenager. The kids’ parents were fascinated with her work, would pay her for the pics, and even invite her on location to take more of them—and the rest is history.

Aliyah is now a headshot photographer, has been in business for over a decade, and opened up multiple studios in the Northern Virginia area. She is also helping other photographers do the same. What makes Aliyah’s work unique is that she not only focuses on headshots—she makes her money serving clients while teaching/coaching. “We also focus on our numbers without including physical products to sell like most high ticket photographers, and we offer digital images,” Aliyah states.

Aliyah’s entrepreneurship journey, however, has not been a bed of roses. Luckily, she

worked through it and overcame the challenges. She is quoted saying, “At the beginning of my business, we were living month to month while I was trying to support my family. From having my car repoed to not being able to afford a coffee at networking events to hoping, as it was a holiday weekend, they wouldn’t turn off the electricity since the bill was overdue. I overcame this by trusting in the journey and working from 4 am to 8 pm trying to do it all.”

Aliyah has successfully opened two studios in the DMV area and recently launched a

community project called The Loudoun 100 Project. She has also built a successful business as a studio portrait/headshot photographer and donated over $100K to the community through nonprofits. Aliyah envisions over 1,000 other photographers using the system she has built to help them reach the freedom she finally has in life. She also plans to travel the world building hospitals and orphanages, something she has dreamed of doing since she was a little girl.

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Real Estate Investor Andrew Glisson Is Turning Neighborhoods Around

The great financial crisis wreaked havoc on many urban neighborhoods around the country. Investors and home owners walked away from properties by the millions, leaving many to fall into deep states of disrepair. Andrew Glisson, a Memphis-based real estate investor, noticed the sorry state of these abandoned homes and wanted to do something about them. That’s when he started Neighborhood Revival, saving old homes by buying and renovating them. Now, this property revival program has turned into a multi-million-dollar business with an impressive portfolio of over 200 rental homes.

Andrew was the vice president of a Fortune 500 financial services company. Three years back, he noticed that abandoned homes were turning into blights for neighborhoods in Memphis. He realized that people prefer to reside in cities, especially in modernized homes, because of the amenities they offer. While residing in a home has its own advantages and charm, there was less willingness to invest huge amounts into reviving old homes; instead, they buy new homes in posh locations. This led to the idea of Neighborhood Revival.

In 2018, Andrew started Neighborhood Revival with a plan to save just 50 homes in a neighborhood in Memphis. Some homes had been vacant for at least 10 years and were dilapidated. A few of them were also on the government demolition list. Andrew took charge from there to revive the homes with modern amenities. This eventually scaled up their worth as modern homes in a peaceful neighborhood. After reviving the homes, Andrew eventually rented them out to people, gradually building a real estate portfolio.

After years of dedicated hard work with Neighborhood Revival, Andrew has built an impressive portfolio of rental homes. As his business scaled, Andrew decided to quit his high-paying job and focus on saving old homes while reviving neighborhoods. He leverages his knowledge and experience in real estate to design a strategy that has automated the process of buying, acquiring, renovating, and renting out homes. With this automated system, Andrew can undertake dozens of projects and while keeping an impressive start to finish timeline of under 2 months.  

Andrew has taken Neighborhood Revival to new heights with just two full-time employees and an automated system. Unlike other investors in the real estate business who are only in it for profit and don’t fix things for tenants, Andrew’s approach is completely different. He not only renovates the properties but fixes problems the right way, even if it must be done from scratch. 

Andrew Glisson, a “heavy-lift” renovation expert, is a licensed contractor who’s built a construction process that contemplates code requirements and incorporates what tenants want. His knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to buying, renovating, leasing, and everything else involved in the process. Now, he has a clear roadmap to expand his real estate business into more cities, saving as many neighborhoods as he can.

As an investor, Andrew also wants to help others venture into this space to find the kind of financial freedom he has achieved. People can reach out to Andrew to invest in real estate and walk his path, or they can consult him for expert advice before venturing into real estate. 

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