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Michel Pascal creates the first Spiritual Immersive Musical

Why a Spiritual Immersive Musical?

I wanted to combine the spectacular immersive experience like Van Gogh with the emotion of a live spiritual musical. 

After the success of the world Premiere of Yoganandance Musical at Millennium Biltmore Hotel, I realize how people wanted to feel the Presence of Yogananda. More than ever, we need to feel the Divine energy, specially in our world today.

Do you think, this Spiritual Immersive Musical can help someone stressed? 

Why do we suffer, stressed, alone? We are disconnected from inner peace, from our soul, from the divine world, from the Universe, from God. 

When we ignore or forget our sacred dimension, we miss ‘’Something’’ that we dont understand. The goal of this Spiritual Immersive Musical, is to go beyond our problems, beyond the ordinary world, and to enter in another dimension, our inner divine dimension, to sing, to pray, to meditate, to dance, to cry, to feel a quality of joy who is grandest than our human joy, to bloom our Divine Joy. 

Why this Immersive Musical is dedicated to Yogananda?

To his millions of followers across the globe, Paramahansa Yogananda is considered one of the most important spiritual teachers and gurus of all time. He was the first major Indian teacher to settle in the United States. His influence cannot be overstated,” says Pascal. Yogananda brought meditation and Kriya Yoga to this country. The Los Angeles Times referred to him as the first superstar guru’’. Hes the pioneer of wellness.

Next to the Bible, Yoganandas Autobiography of a Yogi is the most shared book in the world. Before he passed away, Steve Jobs requested that everyone at his funeral receive the book,” says Pascal. Many celebrities over the years – everyone from Elvis Presley to Oprah Winfrey – have had their lives enriched by the teachings of Yogananda.”

Yoganandas message is more important than ever today. Calm the mind must be our priority. If you are stressed, you appreciate nothing. Your relationships don’t work. You’re tired and sick all the time. You aren’t present in your life. Yoganandas teachings resonate during these times, especially after Covid.

Can you explain the narration of this musical?

This Musical is not a conference or a workshop about Yogananda. Through an original narration, it is based on a true story of how a homeless person in LA was saved by the book of Yogananda.  The goal of the Musical is to become a door to Yogananda, to his book, his communities, his retreats, workshops. 

How is the music of this Immersive Musical? 

In 1998, I was invited to meet, Michael Jackson, in a private meeting in Paris. I knew Michael was loving Yogananda. When I started to compose, I felt that Yogananda ‘’wanted’’ something very creative, naturally the souvenir of Michael Jackson came to my keyboards. I immediately started to sing a beat, like Indian beat box, combined with tabla groove. Just like that, an Indian Hip Hop came, in my prayer, to create modern sacred music, to touch new generations with Yogananda. It was a profound joy and a totally unexpected surprise to see many articles in Hip Hop magazine, like Billboard Hip Hop Magazine, and a lot of views on Youtube. Myron McKinley, music director of the legendary Earth Wind and Fire, is also my music director, and has been for 6 years. 

How will be the show?

First, we will have a very special Pre-show, a contemplative experience for 30 minutes, facing Yogananda, his lineage, surrounded by hundreds candles…introduced by The spiritual healer, teacher, Alx Uttermann, as master of ceremony. 

We will have a break, to enjoy herbal medicine tea.

And Yoganandance will start, with all the immersive projections, Surround Sound 5.1, narrated by Yogini Jaima. She is an actress (many films) and also a Yogini. Her presence is a blessing for everyone. She will play the character of the homeless saved by Yogananda. 

And I will sing live the original songs of the show, combining lyrical improvisations influenced by Native American tradition, Gregorian chanting, and beat box, and we will dance on Hip Hop Indian beats. 

Every Sunday, the profound meditations will be lead by spiritual guests, like our beloved Brother Vish, Yogi Cameron etc…

Why have you chosen to create this project in Arts District Los Angeles?

Arts Districts in LA has special vibration, very creative, perfect place to create the first Immersive Spiritual Musical. 

Your wish for each spectator?

I hope that every spectator will have the sensation to enter in the soul of Yogananda…

From Sunday from January 15, 2023, every Sunday @5pm, in exclusive at Art Beyond Survival 684 Mateo St 684 Mateo Street Los Angeles, CA 90021

Link for infos, ticketing


Yoganandance spotify:

@Michel meditates

Michel Pascal Facebook:

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Bobby Banks is a renowned artist from the US who has been working in the art world for over 10 years. His work has been featured in galleries across the nation, as well as numerous international exhibitions. He has also won awards for his pieces, including a Gold Medal from the Global Arts Awards and an Honorable Mention from the American Society of Artists. 

“I’m thrilled to be part of Marks Art,” said Bobby Banks. “It’s an honor to join such an amazing group of artists and I’m excited to see what we can create together.” 

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With work that is bold, provocative, and emotionally resonant, Fringe is a standout. He takes well-known cultural icons, like Mickey Mouse and Superman, and transforms them into symbols of hope, humor, and humanity. His ability to incorporate branding symbols into his work is particularly impressive, making his art accessible and relatable to people from all walks of life.

Fringe’s artistic journey is an inspiring one. Starting as a graphic designer, he gradually transitioned into fine art, using his unique visual language to push the boundaries of artistic conventions. His journey has been marked by passion, dedication, and hard work, culminating in a series of major solo exhibitions that have left audiences in awe.

What sets him apart from other contemporary artists is his ability to tell a story through his art. Each piece is a unique masterpiece that reflects his incredible talent and unparalleled imagination. From oil on canvas to mixed media and resin and bronze sculptures, Fringe’s creativity knows no bounds.

By exploring the intersections of culture, identity, and personal expression, Fringe is able to tap into deeply thought-provoking pieces. His work is not just visually stunning—it sparks conversations and evokes strong emotions. His multimedia pieces and sculptures are a testament to his artistic growth and exploration, and each exhibition is a chance to experience his evolving vision.

For Fringe, art is not just a means of expression but a way of life. He has revolutionized the art world by masterfully blending elements from mass media, digital media, cartoons, and movie culture into his paintings and sculptures. His creative sense knows no bounds, and he has been hailed as the reigning king of pop art in South Africa.

In a world where art is often viewed as a luxury for the elite, Fringe’s work stands out as something that is accessible and relatable to everyone. By incorporating familiar branding symbols into his art, he is able to transcend cultural barriers and connect with people from all over the world.

The impact this artist’s work has had on the contemporary art scene cannot be overstated. He has gained international acclaim, and his exhibitions continue to mesmerize art enthusiasts and creatives alike. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or simply someone who appreciates beautiful and thought-provoking art, his work is not to be missed.

An easily defined trailblazer in the global contemporary art scene, Fringe is pushing the boundaries of creativity with his daring brand fusion. His multimedia pieces and sculptures are a testament to his artistic growth and exploration, and his unique visual language pushes the boundaries of artistic conventions. His ability to evoke strong emotions and spark conversation through his artwork solidifies his position as one of his generation’s most innovative and talented artists. So why not discover the innovative world of Fringe and experience the allure of his art for yourself? Follow him on Instagram for the latest. 

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