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LA Alternative Artist Helene Alexandra Jaeger Explores A New Dimension in Debut Poetry Book

LA based artist Helene Alexandra Jaeger, or Holy Boy, as she is better known, recently released her first book of poetry, Epicedium: 50 Experimental Poetic Journeys through Awakening, Alchemy, and Other Worlds. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is known for her organ rock sound and dark, brooding lyrics, and in Epicedium she delves deeper into the electrifying dreamworld of her songs. 

Jaeger’s performances as Holy Boy have been called mystifying, immersive, and atmospheric. Widely noted as a promising indie artist, Jaeger has performed at notable music industry events like SXSW, NXNE, and CMJ, and has appeared on BBC Radio 1, PBS and more. “Step into Jaeger’s dark wonderland if you dare,” wrote Popdust after seeing Holy Boy perform, and in 2019, the Hollywood Music In Media Awards jury gave her an important nod in the form of a nomination in the alternative genre.

In Epicedium, Jaeger continues to deepen and refine her mystical, gothic style. The title of the book translates to “a funeral ode” and Jaeger embraces this concept throughout her work. Taking the reader deeper into otherworldly scenes and short stories, the book is divided into four parts of transformation. 

Jaeger says that southern gothic literature, the Romantics, Arthur Rimbaud, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan were key inspirations when creating the stream-of-consciousness, story based poetry collection. “This spiritual journey is surreal and full of exotic energy. Will have readers mesmerized,” wrote the San Francisco Book Review about the book.

During the creation of the collection, Jaeger embraced a technique called automatic writing, or as she describes it: “journeys in consciousness”. Aside from being used for therapy in the form of journaling, automatic writing has been around since the Song dynasty in 19th century China, has been a staple of mystical rituals and was famously used by W. B. Yates. In brief, the automatic writing process involves detaching from logical reality and letting your unconscious mind express itself.

Jaeger explains: “When you relax your conscious mind and stop ‘trying’ to write or create something,’ that’s often when the most impactful and beautiful creations emerge. Once you experience it, I think it changes how you see not just your creativity but the world.”

Having been vulnerable with fans about struggles with depression, Jaeger’s work shows an underlying theme of navigating mental health and trying to make sense of sensitivity and spiritual awakening in a demanding modern world. But uniquely, Jaeger expresses this through a vivid, dizzyingly beautiful lens of mythological, symbolic motifs and stories.

“I hope that it will make people feel something, and maybe even help them get in touch with some deeper part of themselves. The unconscious, or the soul. We live in an era with so much noise and surface static, that going on these inner journeys can be really nourishing.” 

Jaeger has already established herself as an artist to watch on the Los Angeles music scene, and Epicedium promises to expand her reach further and bring new audiences into her darkly romantic work. 

Describing her music and writing as connected, yet two distinct projects, Jaeger is also preparing an upcoming 11 track album for Holy Boy. Fans have already heard glimpses of her spoken word pieces in the past, including on “Funeral” from her debut EP, but Jaeger doesn’t want to say too much about the next album yet.

“I’m always kind of on the hunt for what feels the most resonant and interesting. Right now, I’m really happy to have shared this book,” she says.

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Sharukh Pithawalla: The Phenomenal TikTok Sensation and Prominent YouTube Trailblazer

Introducing Sharukh Pithawalla, a rising star in the world of content creation and one of the biggest sensations on TikTok. Renowned for his diverse range of videos, which include captivating street interviews and exhilarating game-based content, Sharukh has quickly established a prominent presence on social media, amassing a vast following within just two years.

What sets Sharukh apart is his magnetic and vivacious persona, which effortlessly shines through both in front of and away from the camera. Even during his high school days, his peers recognized his inherent star quality and bestowed upon him the coveted title of “Most Likely to Star in a Movie.” While a career in social media wasn’t initially on Sharukh’s radar, his natural sociability and unwavering self-assurance eventually propelled him to explore this rapidly expanding field.

Before diving into the world of social media, Sharukh pursued his passion for music as a producer and DJ. His talent led him to craft beats for numerous EDM artists and provide hip-hop beats to talented rappers across the nation. Unfortunately, the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his plans, resulting in postponed gigs and a missed opportunity for acting in Dubai. However, Sharukh’s optimistic outlook and resilient spirit guided him towards discovering social media as a fresh platform to showcase his creative talents.

In no time, Sharukh found his stride on TikTok. His very first video garnered thousands of views, and his account experienced an astounding surge of 100,000 followers in a single day. Since then, his TikTok videos have accumulated over 113 million likes. One particular video, titled “You vs. The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About Part 3,” achieved widespread popularity with over 8 million likes. Additionally, Sharukh has amassed a staggering five million followers on TikTok and one million subscribers on YouTube in just one year, earning him prestigious accolades such as the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons. He has also received recognition from various other social media platforms.

Sharukh is deeply passionate about his craft and endeavors to inspire others to pursue their dreams. With his exceptional talent and an ever-expanding fan base, Sharukh’s future shines brighter than ever before.


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Meet Mike Infante: A Rising Star With an Inspiring Journey That Transcends Hollywood

The glitzy world of Hollywood is a place where dreams are made and shattered in the blink of an eye. Amidst this steep competition for the limelight, a young Mexican-American actor has emerged as a promising talent whose journey is as inspiring as the characters he plays on screen. Mike Infante, a 22-year-old actor from Sacramento, California, proves that one can conquer even the most formidable obstacles with resilience and an unyielding spirit. 

Mike’s journey into entertainment began when he was only 11. The theater world intrigued him, and he used the stage to paint his dreams. He found solace and passion in acting, eventually leading him from the footlights to a bigger screen. His tale speaks of determination, overcoming challenges, and redefining the boundaries of achievements. Battling cerebral palsy to fulfill his dreams, Mike stands as an example for others, showing them that every day is a new opportunity for triumph. 

Mike’s acting prowess is best displayed in his upcoming project, Freaky Tales. The movie is already making waves, featuring a star-studded cast including Pedro Pascal, Jack Champion, Angus Cloud, Ben Mendelsohn, Jay Ellis, and more. Directed by the talented duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, this film weaves four interconnected stories set in the backdrop of 1987 Oakland, CA. Freaky Tales promises the audiences a journey through the love of music, movies, people, places, and memories. Mike, featured at the heart of this gripping narrative, believes that “Freaky Tales” is not just a movie but an experience. 

Exploring avenues of the entertainment industry to showcase his acting skills, Mike has also grabbed a role in an indie film titled “Under Pressure.” The movie is a poignant exploration of family bonds and generational trauma. Mike portrays the character of Miguel, a young man who is battling addiction amidst the chaos of his life. Directed by Ozzie Jauregui, “Under Pressure” perfectly portrays the resilience of family bonds, offering a realistic picture of life’s challenges. Besides Mike’s brilliant acting, the film reflects his commitment to projects that delve deeper into human emotions and experiences. 

In recognition of his natural talent, unique perspective, and hard work, Mike has garnered sponsorship from Logan Paul and KSI’s brand Prime. In an industry where stereotypes stigmatize aspiring actors, Mike is breaking barriers by playing characters with disabilities. Apart from drawing a close connection with her struggles, this move also paves the way for a broader representation on screen.

Despite his convincing portrayal of the character on screen, Mike had faced skepticism and negativity surrounding his skills. He believes it is a part of being in the limelight, so he proves them wrong with his talent. His professional debut in the film “Freaky Tales” is his reply to the haters. Working alongside his esteemed co-stars and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck has been a great experience and a dream come true project for Mike. 

In the future, Mike wants more than just personal success. He aspires to provide for his family and care for everyone who has been his biggest support in this journey. He envisions his future beyond accolades, using his craft to break barriers in the industry and inspire others to pursue their dreams, overcoming all adversities.

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George Ryan Unleashes the Storm with “Thunder & Lightning” Music Video

George Ryan, the trailblazing artist known for his deep and introspective music, has just released his latest music video, “Thunder & Lightning,” on YouTube. The video, a striking visual piece from his acclaimed “Day Trips” EP, showcases Ryan’s unique blend of soulful storytelling and raw musical talent.

The video opens with Ryan returning home from a road trip, setting a tone of introspection and solitude. The calm of his return quickly escalates into a suspenseful narrative, as the sound of an intruder sets off a chain of events filled with tension and metaphorical depth. This confrontation is not just a physical battle but a symbolic clash against the adversities and doubters Ryan has faced throughout his journey in the music industry.

“Thunder & Lightning” is a testament to George Ryan’s artistic evolution. Known for his authenticity and ability to connect with fans on a personal level, Ryan’s latest video is a continuation of his narrative, portraying the struggles and triumphs of an artist on the rise. The video’s setting during a thunderstorm further amplifies the song’s intense and emotive undertones.

Ryan’s journey from the small town of Georgetown, Ontario, to becoming a notable figure in Toronto’s vibrant music scene is nothing short of inspirational. His music resonates with those who have faced challenges and serves as a beacon of resilience and determination. The video is a compelling addition to his repertoire, demonstrating his growth not only as a musician but as a storyteller.

“Thunder & Lightning” is more than a music video; it’s a cinematic experience. Ryan’s ability to blend his music with storytelling is evident in every frame, making the video an engaging watch for both new and long-time fans. The production, handled by Ryan himself, adds another layer of authenticity to the piece, showcasing his multifaceted talents as a producer, writer, and performer.

With his unique sound and profound lyrical content, George Ryan continues to make waves in the music world. His commitment to his craft and his willingness to explore and express complex emotions through his music sets him apart in the industry.

Watch the enthralling music video “Thunder & Lightning” on YouTube and join George Ryan on his journey of musical exploration and personal growth.

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