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Keyen Lage: Helping Extraordinary People Achieve “Impossible” Goals

The demand for life coaching has surged in recent years as individuals strive to achieve their goals and elevate their quality of life. However, the efficacy of traditional life coaching methods may be limited for those seeking to excel at the highest level. While many coaches offer concepts and strategies that may work for the average person seeking therapeutic guidance, becoming an internally fulfilled, world-class achiever requires a different approach altogether. It demands an unrelenting pursuit of truth, despite the inevitable discomfort that arises in its pursuit. It necessitates a paradigm shift that challenges one’s perception of reality, enabling them to break free from the constraints of mediocrity and unleash their untapped potential. For those individuals that are truly unrelatable to anyone else, there is still more you are capable of achieving. To achieve that true greatness, your coach must understand you are unrelatable to most and be able to confront these uncomfortable truths allowing you to reach heights you may have once thought impossible.

However, this coaching style is easier said than done. It requires someone who has not only experienced this shift themselves but is also willing to challenge their clients regarding uncomfortable truths knowing that comfort is the antithesis of transformation. Enter Keyen Lage, a high performance coach who brings an intense perspective to the industry. With a background in personal training, autoimmune and digestive-based nutritional protocol development, and a former NFL player, Keyen not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. His unique experiences and expertise provide a level of authenticity and credibility that is rare to find in the world of coaching.

Keyen’s journey to becoming a high-performance coach sets him apart from the average “life coach.” While most coaches teach concepts without ever experiencing them, Keyen reached the pinnacle of his career before imparting his knowledge to others. With only .023% of high school football players going pro, Keyen’s journey defied the odds. He began with a passion for football and a resolute dream of playing in the NFL. After playing for a Division 1 college football team, where he was a two-year team captain, he landed a spot on the Kansas City Chiefs roster for the 2016 NFL season. However, a neck injury dashed his aspirations, as continuing to play could potentially leave him paralyzed. Despite this setback, Keyen refused to let it define him and instead viewed the situation as an opportunity to begin the next chapter of his life. 

Keyen’s journey as a coach began as a personal trainer, helping people to achieve their fitness goals. However, he soon realized that he could make a more profound impact by adopting a holistic approach that addressed not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. His passion for health and wellness led him to develop an autoimmune and digestive-based protocol for combating diseases and to explore the emotional aspects of the human body’s healing process. His journey then took an unexpected detour when he went to Colombia and met successful entrepreneurs who were frustrated because they couldn’t break through to the next level. Having faced similar challenges during the pursuit of achieving his own dream of playing in the NFL, Keyen saw an opportunity to use his unique blend of knowledge and experience to help others achieve fulfillment and reach the pinnacle of their chosen fields. This realization was a turning point in his life, as Keyen committed himself to serving those who were committed to becoming world-class, rather than just helping those whose lives were falling apart like most life coaches.

In a world filled with life coaches who act more as therapists than transformation coaches, Keyen Lage stands out. His unique background gives him an unparalleled level of credibility and authenticity. However, what truly allows him to stand out is that his unrelatable style of coaching making him “one of one”. He approaches life in a unique way,  finding fulfillment in wherever his desires take him. In other words, the source of his fulfillment stems from countless experiences as human desires are destined to change. This unique fluidity allows him to shatter the coaching box he’s in with clients by speaking solely the truth, whether clients want to hear it or not. With seven years of experience in the coaching realm, Keyen has developed a coaching approach that prioritizes confronting and dealing with uncomfortable truths unlike other coaches who want to make their clients “feel good.” His leadership skills and ability to foster authentic conversations have led to undeniable transformation for his clients and have earned him the nickname “The Genie.”

For the last seven years, Keyen has become a mentor to many and has worked one-on-one with world-class CEOs, professional athletes, entertainers, influencers, and other high-level achievers looking to take their life to the next level. His clients have spoken highly of his unique approach, with one saying, “Keyen could potentially be the Tony Robbins of this generation,” while another stated, “This is what makes Keyen different, he puts you first. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

However, Keyen doesn’t work with just anyone. He’s highly selective about who he invests into and only takes on clients who are elite leaders in their respective field. If you’re someone who wants to be coddled or have your hand held through the coaching process, then Keyen is not the coach for you. For those seeking an elite coach who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, Keyen Lage is the coach to turn to.

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Check out Lil Wayne’s New Artist, Drizzy P

Have you checked out Lil Wayne’s new artist Drizzy P? If not, what are you waiting for? When the legendary Lil Wayne discovers and nurtures an emerging artist, you know he’s destined for greatness. In the case of Drizzy P, he’s more than just an artist. He’s a phenomenon. His latest mixtape, “Mental Warfare,” released on October 3rd, 2023, is already making waves. Of note is the standout track “Who TF is Drizzy P,” a rhetorical question that the artist answers with each verse he delivers.

But who exactly is Drizzy P, and why is he set to be the next big thing in music?

The Rise of Drizzy P

Dominic Peyreferry, better known as Drizzy P, is quickly establishing his own niche in the music industry. Known for his ability to craft a whole song in just 30 minutes, Drizzy P prefers to freestyle on a beat rather than pen down his lyrics. This spontaneous and natural flow of creativity earned him the nickname ‘Tha Gift’ from his manager, David ‘Geedy’ Appolon. It’s this effortless musical ability that places Drizzy P in a league of extraordinary talents.

The Young Money Influence

Joining Young Money, a label renowned for nurturing and promoting exceptional talent, was a pivotal moment for Drizzy P. The familial and supportive atmosphere of the label, combined with one-on-one studio sessions with Lil Wayne, provided an invaluable platform for growth. Wayne’s guidance has been instrumental in shaping Drizzy P, not only as an artist but as a person navigating the complexities of the music industry. In addition, mentors like Freeway, who support without expecting anything in return, have been a source of immense gratitude and learning for Drizzy P.

The Breakthrough Tape: Mental Warfare

Released on October 3rd, 2023, “Mental Warfare” showcases Drizzy P’s versatility and artistry. The tape features 12 tracks with notable collaborations with artists including Freeway, Cory Gunz, and Fooly Faime. It demonstrates a range of styles and emotions, solidifying Drizzy P’s position as an artist to watch in the industry.

Overcoming Obstacles

Every artist’s journey has its share of challenges, and Drizzy P’s story is no different. He speaks candidly about the struggles of maintaining focus when confronted with the ups and downs of a music career. With the constant support of Geedy, whom Drizzy P regards as a father figure, he has navigated these challenges with resilience and patience, emerging stronger with each obstacle.

Touring with a Legend

One of the highlights of Drizzy P’s career was joining Lil Wayne on the “Welcome To The Carter” tour. Spanning 29 dates, this experience not only honed his performance skills but also deepened his connection with music lovers across cities, earning him widespread recognition and appreciation.

Beyond Music

Drizzy P’s aspirations extend beyond the world of music. With interests in acting, modeling, and a passion for good food that includes dreams of owning restaurants, he embodies the spirit of a true artist – versatile and constantly evolving. His commitment to giving back to his community and supporting those in need also speaks volumes of his character.

Sky’s The Limit

With Lil Wayne’s mentorship, Drizzy P’s unique approach to music, and his ability to resonate with a diverse audience, the sky is the limit for this young talent. He is not just an artist to watch, but a unique force poised to become one of the leading artists of his generation.

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Sharukh Pithawalla: The Phenomenal TikTok Sensation and Prominent YouTube Trailblazer

Introducing Sharukh Pithawalla, a rising star in the world of content creation and one of the biggest sensations on TikTok. Renowned for his diverse range of videos, which include captivating street interviews and exhilarating game-based content, Sharukh has quickly established a prominent presence on social media, amassing a vast following within just two years.

What sets Sharukh apart is his magnetic and vivacious persona, which effortlessly shines through both in front of and away from the camera. Even during his high school days, his peers recognized his inherent star quality and bestowed upon him the coveted title of “Most Likely to Star in a Movie.” While a career in social media wasn’t initially on Sharukh’s radar, his natural sociability and unwavering self-assurance eventually propelled him to explore this rapidly expanding field.

Before diving into the world of social media, Sharukh pursued his passion for music as a producer and DJ. His talent led him to craft beats for numerous EDM artists and provide hip-hop beats to talented rappers across the nation. Unfortunately, the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his plans, resulting in postponed gigs and a missed opportunity for acting in Dubai. However, Sharukh’s optimistic outlook and resilient spirit guided him towards discovering social media as a fresh platform to showcase his creative talents.

In no time, Sharukh found his stride on TikTok. His very first video garnered thousands of views, and his account experienced an astounding surge of 100,000 followers in a single day. Since then, his TikTok videos have accumulated over 113 million likes. One particular video, titled “You vs. The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About Part 3,” achieved widespread popularity with over 8 million likes. Additionally, Sharukh has amassed a staggering five million followers on TikTok and one million subscribers on YouTube in just one year, earning him prestigious accolades such as the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons. He has also received recognition from various other social media platforms.

Sharukh is deeply passionate about his craft and endeavors to inspire others to pursue their dreams. With his exceptional talent and an ever-expanding fan base, Sharukh’s future shines brighter than ever before.


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Meet Mike Infante: A Rising Star With an Inspiring Journey That Transcends Hollywood

The glitzy world of Hollywood is a place where dreams are made and shattered in the blink of an eye. Amidst this steep competition for the limelight, a young Mexican-American actor has emerged as a promising talent whose journey is as inspiring as the characters he plays on screen. Mike Infante, a 22-year-old actor from Sacramento, California, proves that one can conquer even the most formidable obstacles with resilience and an unyielding spirit. 

Mike’s journey into entertainment began when he was only 11. The theater world intrigued him, and he used the stage to paint his dreams. He found solace and passion in acting, eventually leading him from the footlights to a bigger screen. His tale speaks of determination, overcoming challenges, and redefining the boundaries of achievements. Battling cerebral palsy to fulfill his dreams, Mike stands as an example for others, showing them that every day is a new opportunity for triumph. 

Mike’s acting prowess is best displayed in his upcoming project, Freaky Tales. The movie is already making waves, featuring a star-studded cast including Pedro Pascal, Jack Champion, Angus Cloud, Ben Mendelsohn, Jay Ellis, and more. Directed by the talented duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, this film weaves four interconnected stories set in the backdrop of 1987 Oakland, CA. Freaky Tales promises the audiences a journey through the love of music, movies, people, places, and memories. Mike, featured at the heart of this gripping narrative, believes that “Freaky Tales” is not just a movie but an experience. 

Exploring avenues of the entertainment industry to showcase his acting skills, Mike has also grabbed a role in an indie film titled “Under Pressure.” The movie is a poignant exploration of family bonds and generational trauma. Mike portrays the character of Miguel, a young man who is battling addiction amidst the chaos of his life. Directed by Ozzie Jauregui, “Under Pressure” perfectly portrays the resilience of family bonds, offering a realistic picture of life’s challenges. Besides Mike’s brilliant acting, the film reflects his commitment to projects that delve deeper into human emotions and experiences. 

In recognition of his natural talent, unique perspective, and hard work, Mike has garnered sponsorship from Logan Paul and KSI’s brand Prime. In an industry where stereotypes stigmatize aspiring actors, Mike is breaking barriers by playing characters with disabilities. Apart from drawing a close connection with her struggles, this move also paves the way for a broader representation on screen.

Despite his convincing portrayal of the character on screen, Mike had faced skepticism and negativity surrounding his skills. He believes it is a part of being in the limelight, so he proves them wrong with his talent. His professional debut in the film “Freaky Tales” is his reply to the haters. Working alongside his esteemed co-stars and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck has been a great experience and a dream come true project for Mike. 

In the future, Mike wants more than just personal success. He aspires to provide for his family and care for everyone who has been his biggest support in this journey. He envisions his future beyond accolades, using his craft to break barriers in the industry and inspire others to pursue their dreams, overcoming all adversities.

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