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Independent Music-Savvy Swavy Has Finally Unleashed His Much-Anticipated EP, “Wisteria.”

This far, independent artist Swavy’s music has been all about the magic. Claiming one year of music experience now, he has been bursting with ambition, delivering back-to-back hits that cut across the underground R&B, pop, and hip-hop genres. He epitomizes the essence of the modern era and embodies the core attributes of sound diversity as he makes music that is not only thoughtful but also conscious and fueled by a yearning to motivate, inspire, and entertain its listener. When he released the unanimously acclaimed single “Love Fiend,” he did not know that this would form the genesis of a great musical escapade.

Swavy has indeed developed a style of songwriting that is transparent, daring, and reflective of his own personal experiences. He has also had a vast array of musical influences and accredits the pivotal influences and inspiration in his music to icons of R&B from across several eras. All this has contributed to Swavy advancing an ecstatic musical experience that is entertaining, refreshing, and easy-going but still seeks to provoke thoughts.

Swavy uses his music as a conduit to express his own perspectives and tell relatable stories. He hopes to become a musical pioneer who can blend his voice to enrich spiritual bliss and still deliver music creatively and in the most expressive and contemporary way that will touch lives and go on to inspire future generations.

His long-awaited joint EP “Wisteria” featuring Vybez is finally out, and I can confirm that it was certainly worth the wait. Packaged in six fragrant melodies and with a poetic-defined intro, this is a wholesome listening experience that you can never get enough of no matter how many times you indulge in it. 

Just slightly shy of 20 minutes long, “Wisteria” serves as a groundbreaking milestone in Swavy’s music endeavors as it showcases his growth and maturity not only as an artist but also as a person. Featuring profound and ear-catching harmonies, Swavy and Vybez take a listener on a journey through the six stages of heartbreak.
Swavy’s silky smooth and velvety vocals float nicely over the resonating deep melodies in the track “Fast,”  distinctly capturing your listening senses as Swavy displays showmanship far beyond his years. In this track, he is afraid if they take things too fast, something might end up going wrong and metaphorically “crash.” The love and affection is there, but it needs time to grow and manifest itself in its own time.
“Fast” evokes a ‘feel-good’ vibe and is one you can comfortably dance to owing to the atmospheric, danceable R&B beats.

“No Hesitation” starts off with an imposing keyboard, which is almost immediately backed by that deep-phased, saturated rhythmic beat. Performed with such an understated emotional inquiry, Swavy is almost fed up with the games and is approaching a point of no return. His sweet-talking vocals lusciously slink with lucidity and warmth over the beats, in a way that just invites its listener.

“Winter’s Interlude” features a laid-back intro that is supplemented by melancholic-fueled vocal harmonies as if to suggest the worst is about to happen and the heart has to cope. In this masterpiece, the instrumentation is expertly relaxed to allow the glossy male vocals to thrive.

In “Had Your Chance,” there is no going back, and the melodies here come off as nostalgic and evocative as if appropriately reminiscing of the past with somewhat bittersweet memories. Swavy and Vybez go on to deliver a passionate and heartfelt performance that is emotionally grabbing.

“Love Again” is the inescapable loneliness that hits following a breakup, and just maybe you find yourself reconsidering your choices. Very sentimental, the lyrics here echo a situation we have more often than not found ourselves in after a heartbreak and craving for that kind of love.

The guitar melody in “Insecurities” is just everything; hit with such panache, charisma, and flamboyance and blending gracefully with the steady bass, this track is one of my favorites from the collection. The cottony, delicate, and crisp male vocals are allowed to flourish, and Swavy just sings straight into your heart about the usual insecurities that one develops after falling in love again, largely emanating from the previous heartbreaking experience. Whichever way you try to look at it, these situations somehow interconnect; you just can’t help it!

“Wisteria” is the soundtrack of your life, and I suggest you give it the time of day by following the attached link and streaming it in its entirety; let the tracks that you most resonate with boost your playlist!

You can find the the artists here:



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From Start to Stardom: Getting to Know Comedy’s Rising Star, Priest Douglas

When it comes to the US entertainment industry, few comedians have managed to make a lasting impact on the scene as much as Priest Douglas. Priest has quickly cemented his spot with his shows attracting massive attention offline and online. He was featured in several top publications, including Hustle Weekly and US Times. Priest Douglas also opened for notable names in the industry, including TK Kirkland, Michael Blackston, Tommy Davison, and DC Young Fly, with many praising his style. 

Priest specializes mainly in storytelling, enabling him to keep the crowd’s attention. He uses comedy to spread joy and love to encourage the audience.

Priest’s journey hasn’t been the easiest. He faced many challenges, from the brutal competition in the industry to people telling him he could not tell certain jokes because he should not be funnier than the headliner and losing everything after a toxic relationship.

Priest fell in love with the wrong person and spent almost 42 years in prison due to a lie. All this took a huge toll on his mental health and profoundly affected his career. 

Priest was just getting started in the entertainment industry, and when this happened, he had to take a step back. He felt like he lost everything and saw no need to fight for his passion.

Looking back, Priest says he is grateful that he had people by his side who reminded him why he started and helped him find his way back up. “Having God in my corner, as well as my supportive family, got me through all this, and I was cleared of all the charges,” Priest says.

He hopes to help others through comedy as he shows other young minds that nothing is impossible, and no matter what life throws at you, if you fall, don’t stay on the ground, get up, and keep pushing.

“Life is full of challenges, and sometimes, not everything works in your favor. But you don’t have to let the current situation determine your life and future. You can get past this and reach your goals,” Priest adds.

While it was hard, Priest didn’t give up. He invested in his dream once more and is now one of the fastest-rising comedians in the country. He has had several shows and performed alongside big names in the industry. Priest also caught the media’s attention, with top publications recognizing his unique style.

He says his goal is to do more shows in the coming years and hopefully inspire and empower youths to fight for their goals. In a few years, Priest sees himself in a movie or a lineup with other big-name celebrities and not just opening up for them.

His advice to young people is to be patient, invest in their goals, and not let other people’s opinions dictate their lives. “Dr. Martin Luther King once said, ‘Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.’ I think this is one of the best drivers in life and has greatly helped me. It keeps my mind at ease because I was once that person who held on to grudges, which affected my growth,” Priest concludes.

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Brauch releases new song “Sun Daze” and it is Taking Off!

Have you heard the latest single from Brauch? It’s called “Sun Daze,” and it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest songs of the summer. With its upbeat tempo and positive message, this song is sure to be stuck in your head for days. Read on to learn more about why this track is taking off!

What Makes “Sun Daze” So Catchy?
The appeal of “Sun Daze” lies in its combination of an irresistible beat with uplifting lyrics. The song begins with a simple yet captivating guitar riff that immediately grabs your attention. Then it builds up to a chorus full of bright synths and powerful vocals that are sure to make you want to dance along. The lyrics encourage listeners to enjoy every moment and fully embrace life’s joys—a perfect sentiment for the summer months.

The Song is Getting a Lot of Attention
The positive response towards “Sun Daze” has been overwhelming, and it continues to grow as more people discover it. So far, it has reached millions of streams across all major streaming platforms, and fans have responded with comments like “This song brings me so much joy!” and “I can’t stop listening.” It’s clear that Brauch Musician has created something special here!

Brauch Is Here To Stay
It’s no surprise that Brauch Musician’s music has gained such a huge following in such a short amount of time. With his unique sound and impressive production skills, he’s certainly someone we recommend keeping an eye on for future releases. If you haven’t already heard “Sun Daze,” give it a listen today—you won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for a great new tune to add to your summer playlist, look no further than BrauchMusician’s hit single “Sun Daze”. This upbeat, feel-good track has already gained millions of listens across streaming services and continues to get more attention every day. Don’t miss out on this catchy tune; take a listen today! You won’t regret giving this vibrant track a chance. Enjoy the summer vibes with Brauch Musician’s “Sun Daze”!

Keep up with Brauch on all of his accounts:
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If You See Me: The Book Release of Producer/Musician, Pepé Willie

As a veteran producer, songwriter, and musician, Pepé Willie has accrued many years of experience in the music industry. From playing a key role in the emergence of the Minneapolis sound to mentoring some of the most iconic musicians of our time. And now, with the release of his debut book, “If You See Me: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll,” he offers readers a firsthand account of his journey and a unique perspective on the music industry’s evolution. Written in collaboration with co-author Tony Kiene, this must-read memoir brings the memories of the past and influences the present to create an exciting journey for music fans everywhere.

From the emergence of New York’s R&B scene in the 1960s to the rise of the legendary icon Prince in the 1980s, this memoir takes readers on a journey through six decades of the music industry, seen through the eyes of one of its most influential players. In his book, Pepé shares personal stories about his friendship with Prince, including how they met and Prince’s undeniable talent for playing instruments. But much more, “If You See Me” transcends a mere story about Prince. It offers a deeper perspective into the ever-changing culture of the music business landscape from the 1960s and beyond. Pepé provides a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry, from the creation of hit songs to the inner workings of record labels and the struggles of up-and-coming artists.

As a founding member of the 1970s Minneapolis-based funk band 94 East, Pepé Willie pioneered the Minneapolis sound, a style that influenced generations of musicians. He served as a mentor to many emerging artists, including Prince, Morris Day, André Cymone, and many others, and his influence on the music industry cannot be overstated. Pepé’s journey is a testament to his impeccable skills as a mentor and consultant. His book guides ambitious artists looking to make a name for themselves in the industry.

A creative to the core, Pepé’s journey in the music industry started long before his time with 94 East. As a child, he was exposed to the industry through his uncle, a founding member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame’s Little Anthony and The Imperials. Pepé would spend his time running errands for the Brooklyn Fox and Paramount Theatre artists, sitting in on recording sessions, and attending gigs at famous venues like the Copacabana club in New York. These experiences helped him cultivate the skills he would later share with others seeking success in the music business.

Published by The Minnesota Historical Society Press, “If You See Me” is already receiving rave reviews from music industry professionals and pop culture enthusiasts. The captivating memoir is a must-read for music enthusiasts and anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of the industry and a guide for ambitious artists looking to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight into the journey of one of the most influential figures in the music industry and the lessons learned over the years. “If You See Me: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll” is now available at major online book retailers. And for more information on Pepé Willie and his ongoing work in the music industry, be sure to visit his website.

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