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From Media Training to Water Purification: The Remarkable Business Journey of Christen Brown

Christen Brown is a force to be reckoned with in the media training industry. As the founder of On Camera, a highly successful organization based in Los Angeles, Brown has developed a reputation for providing top-notch coaching to celebrities and business executives. With a focus on personalized attention and customized training, On Camera offers programs to meet the diverse needs of its clients, ranging from one-on-one coaching to group workshops and online training.


For over three decades, On Camera has been aiding executives, lawyers, authors, physicians, entertainers, and athletes in presenting themselves on camera. Christen Brown’s proficiency in media training has played a crucial role in the company’s success, empowering numerous individuals to enhance their presentation abilities and express themselves with poise.


On Camera has something for everyone, from well-known stars to people just starting out in the media world. Brown has worked with clients and researched for years to become an expert in media training. She has found seven important secrets that anyone can use to become a better star. Some of these secrets include how to get rid of anxiety, have a positive outlook, increase your credibility, and send powerful body signals. Brown walks her clients through the steps that will help them develop and keep their star quality, helping them along the way with simple exercises and smart techniques. She tells them to find out what makes them unique and special and let that beauty shine through them.

On Camera’s training programs cover many topics, including public speaking, interviews, performing on camera, and managing social media. In addition to coaching, On Camera’s website has several free resources to help people. These materials include blog posts, videos, and webinars that talk about how to tell a story, project your voice, and use your body language. Some famous people who have used On Camera’s services include Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Hart, and Rachel McAdams. The list of the company’s clients is a who’s who of the business and entertainment worlds. These customers are living proof that On Camera’s training programs work and that the company’s instructors are good at what they do. Christen Brown has built On Camera into a well-known media training organization. Now, anyone who wants to improve their presence in the media can get individualized coaching, a wide range of training programs, and helpful resources.

Surprisingly, Christen Brown, who achieved great success with her media training organization On Camera, is now impacting the world of water purification with her new brand, Ophora Water. Brown’s passion for clean and healthy water inspired her to create a product that quickly gained popularity in the market. Ophora Water’s distinctive purification method distinguishes it from other bottled water brands. Its NANO-PURE Hyper Oxygenated water product has been well-received by consumers.


Under Christen Brown’s leadership, the company has experienced exponential growth, boasting more than 25 employees and retail distribution in Erewhon, among other markets.

Ophora Water’s mission is centered around using science to return source water to its purest, most natural state.


Christen Brown’s keen business acumen has again come to the forefront with Ophora Water, developed to address increasing concerns over drinking water quality.

The high levels of contaminants and pollutants found in municipal and bottled water are alarming, making Ophora Water’s approach to water purification and oxygenation unique and game-changing in the industry. Christen Brown’s relentless promotion of Ophora Water as the “World’s Healthiest Water” has resulted in a loyal following among health-conscious consumers and an increased retail market presence. With Christen Brown’s leadership, Ophora Water will continue to expand and innovate, providing nano-pure and hyper-oxygenated water to more people nationwide. This water is the best choice for people who want a healthier alternative to regular bottled water because of its cutting-edge way of purifying it, its formula with added minerals, and its alkaline pH level. It is the best way to stay hydrated. Ophora Water is the best choice if you want a high-quality alkaline water brand that is good for your health and the environment.


Christen Brown’s success in two vastly different industries is a testament to her versatility as a businesswoman. Her ability to adapt to different challenges and industries has set her apart from others in the field. She has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor and coach in media training.


Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to health and wellness have led to her success with Ophora Water Technologies and On Camera. Despite the challenges of managing two businesses, Christen Brown has balanced her responsibilities and achieved success in both industries. Her dedication and hard work have earned her a reputation as a successful businesswoman and leader, inspiring others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. Christen Brown’s journey is a true inspiration to all those who aspire to succeed in their chosen fields, showing that anything is possible with the right mindset and work ethic.


To learn more about the businesses founded by Christen Brown, visit:

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The New Cool: Why Empathy Is The New Superpower for Entrepreneurs

In the hustle and bustle of the entrepreneurial world, a new buzzword is making the rounds – empathy. Traditionally, entrepreneurs were hailed for their cut-throat business acumen and relentless drive for success. However, today’s successful entrepreneurs are those who have mastered the art of empathetic leadership. One such entrepreneur at the forefront of this wave is Byron Morrison.

A New Era of Entrepreneurship

Byron Morrison, a celebrated author, coach, and entrepreneur, is bringing a refreshing perspective to entrepreneurship. Once an under-confident individual, he underwent a personal transformation after his father’s brush with cancer. This life-altering experience led him to delve into the depths of psychology, studying the behavior of successful people and identifying the mental barriers holding many back.

The power in Morrisons message is relatability. He says “my transformation is not one those stories you hear and think ‘that’s amazing but I could never do that’. Instead, he is just a regular guy who decided he wanted more from life and put himself out there to make it happen. This is why he is able to so deeply relate to the challenges people are going through. It’s also why he believes that if he can overcome the barriers that were in his way, then other people can as well.

The Power of Empathy in Business

As he ascended in his career, Morrison discovered the significant impact of empathy on business outcomes. His unique coaching methods, emphasizing emotional intelligence, have helped his clients break their mental barriers and unleash their true potential.

“I am not a business coach,” asserts Morrison. “Many of my clients have better strategies and expertise when it comes to scaling a business, but I help them remove mental barriers that would keep them from fully utilizing that knowledge and expertise.”

His empathetic approach has enabled clients to hit record revenue numbers. One client, who felt like he had become the bottleneck in his business, experienced increased efficiency and record revenue growth after working with Morrison.

Making Empathy Accessible: Maybe You Should Give Up

Morrison is set to take his empathetic entrepreneurial methods to a wider audience through his latest book, “Maybe You Should Give Up.” This book is a clarion call for individuals to quit holding themselves back and take control of their lives.

In the book, readers will learn strategies to overcome the mental barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. He encourages everyone to pre-order the book on his website and follow him on Instagram for more valuable insights.

Byron Morrison’s story is a testament to the shifting paradigm in entrepreneurship. Empathy, once seen as a ‘soft’ skill, is now being recognized for the business superpower that it truly is. As this new era of empathetic leadership takes shape, entrepreneurs like Morrison are leading the charge, showing us all that empathy is indeed the new cool.

You can learn more about Byron Morrison and how he is influencing others to lean into Empathy by viisitng his website. You can also pre-order a copy of his new book, ‘Maybe You Should Give Up’ on all major online stores.

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How Derek Wolf Became a Key Player Financial Education

Financial literacy is a valuable skill that is essential for people to take control of their financial life. With the increasing demand for financial education, there is a growing need for professionals who can provide expert advice and guidance. Derek Wolf is one such professional who has made a significant impact in the field of financial education. With a background in economics, finance, and business, Wolf is a knowledgeable and experienced financial educator helping people take control of their finances and make the most of their money.

Wolf‘s passion for insurance started as a side income, but he soon realized the potential to help people capitalize on the value of their dollar. He saw an opportunity to use life insurance to help families, and he was determined to do so in the best way possible. As a senior field specialist, Wolf puts his knowledge and expertise to work, using seminars and social media to help individuals and families understand the benefits of life insurance and how they can make it work for them.

Wolf’s success in the insurance industry is built on his background as a penny pusher, always looking for ways to save and make the most of his money. After learning about the opportunities to use life insurance to his advantage, he was drawn to the insurance industry. He was initially hesitant when he was offered a job as a broker, but after doing his research, he realized that being a broker, he was able to offer policy plans at a fraction of the cost compared to the other providers along with having more options available to families to truly help set them up on a customized plan just for them.

Wolf’s biggest challenge in his career has been breaking the misconceptions regarding life insurance, but he has overcome this challenge by educating people on the value of their money and how life insurance can be one of the few stepping stones that can help them reach their financial goals. He believes in the importance of financial literacy and wants to share his wisdom and lessons with others.

In the future, Wolf sees himself as a leader in financial education, using his platform and influence to help people make the most of their money. His dreams consist of taking his business to new heights and continuing to help people achieve financial success.

Derek is an experienced financial expert and has been helping people achieve financial success for many years. He understands personal finance and wealth management strategies profoundly and uses this knowledge to educate and guide individuals on their financial journeys. Derek’s expertise in the field is evident in his ability to break down complex financial concepts into simple, actionable steps that people can easily follow. He is passionate about empowering others to take control of their finances and achieve financial stability and independence. Derek’s track record of helping people achieve their financial goals and his dedication to education make him a valuable asset in the financial education community.

Derek Wolf is a name to remember in the financial services industry. With a background in economics, finance, and business, he is a knowledgeable and experienced financial educator dedicated to helping people take control of their finances and make the most of their money. Wolf’s passion for insurance and his commitment to financial literacy make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to secure their financial future. Follow him on his personal and business Facebook accounts to get more information on his services.

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Digital Transformations for Everyday Families: Escaping the Rat Race and Inspiring a Life of Fulfillment

In a world dominated by traditional career paths and societal norms, Kim and Tim, the co-creators of Camping, Coffee & Culture, have embraced a different approach. As lifestyle and business mentors, these digital creators, vloggers, and bloggers have embarked on a journey that challenges the conventional way of living. By leveraging social media and embracing the online world, they have not only transformed their own lives but also inspired countless others to break free from the 9-5 grind and discover their true potential. This article dives into their story, notable achievements, challenges faced, and the wisdom they share, all while highlighting the power of digital transformations for everyday families.

Embracing Who They Are and Inspiring Others:

Kim and Tim are fun-loving, adventurous individuals who thrive on helping others realize their true potential. Their business, Camping, Coffee & Culture, serves as a platform for inspiring families to pursue their passions. They believe in showing other families that it’s possible to have it all by stepping out of their comfort zones and exploring the endless possibilities offered by the online world. The core pillars of their brand, camping, coffee, and culture, represent their love for the outdoors, their belief in the power of connection, and their passion for embracing diverse experiences.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Resilience:

Like any entrepreneurial journey, Kim and Tim have faced challenges along the way. From technical issues to dry seasons in their business, they have learned the value of resilience and perseverance. By seeking support from mentors and coaches, they have navigated through obstacles and grown stronger. Effective communication and a willingness to try new strategies have played crucial roles in their success. Their story serves as a testament to the fact that there is no challenge too great when you have the determination to overcome it.

Lessons Learned and Wisdom to Share:

Kim and Tim’s transformational journey has taught them valuable lessons they eagerly share with others. They emphasize the importance of stepping outside comfort zones and doing things differently. By challenging societal norms and embracing a digital lifestyle, they have discovered a path to fulfillment and abundance. Their message is clear: life is too short to wait for retirement to start truly living. They encourage individuals to believe in their abilities, explore new ideas, and surround themselves with like-minded people who can offer guidance and support.

Dreams and Aspirations:

Looking into the future, Kim and Tim’s dreams and aspirations continue to grow. They envision a life where they have turned their whole world around, spending more time going on adventures and exploring Australia with their children. Their thriving business has a global reach, allowing them to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their ultimate aspiration is to mentor hundreds of others, witnessing their success as they create lives on their own terms.

Kim and Tim, the co-creators of Camping, Coffee & Culture, are transforming the way everyday families live and work. Their digital journey has enabled them to escape the rat race and inspire others to do the same. By sharing their experiences, overcoming challenges, and embracing a mindset of growth, they have paved the way for families to explore new possibilities and achieve fulfillment. Through their online presence and mentoring, Kim and Tim are making a positive impact on countless lives, while exemplifying the power of digital transformations in the modern world.

To connect with Kim and Tim and learn more about their inspiring journey, visit their social media accounts:

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