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Discover the Hottest Trends of 2023

Preparing for a new year means taking stock of everything you’ve accomplished, experienced, and worked for in the year that has come to a close. You’re probably finding yourself deep in thought about what you want to achieve and the person you want to be in 2023, in big ways and small. 

On the one hand, you may be contemplating something major, like a career change, a deeper commitment to your physical and mental health, or a new place to call home. Alternativley, you may be equally as focused on the small upgrades you want to make, like the types of hobbies you want to carve out time for or different styles you want to experiment with. 

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to do a little research into the hottest trends that will be coming up in 2023 from fashion to beauty to self-care and much more. If you’re looking for small, yet impactful, ways to level up in 2023, this is the guide for you. Read on to start loading up your shopping carts and making those vision boards. 

Focus on Self-Care

Like any other year, self-care is the name of the game going into 2023. Whether you’re in need of a better skincare routine, a more sustainable exercise plan, or simply more time in your schedule to take care of yourself, it’s time to invest in the products and opportunities that will help you live your healthiest, happiest year. 

Depending on how you chose to celebrate the first few days of the new year, you may find yourself in need of extra vitamins and hydration to bounce back. If that’s the case, a round of IV drip therapy from The I.V. Doc may be in order. Take a day to pamper yourself and have The I.V. Doc come straight to your home. While you’re at it, order yourself a few self-care goodies, like a set of nail polishes, a new plush robe, and an enriching collagen mask. 

For years, collagen was widely understood to be a specialty beauty treatment that required a good chunk of cash and an appointment with a talented aesthetician or cosmetic procedure professional. Now, incorporating collagen into your skincare routine has become not only commonplace, but widely accessible. With vegan collagen from Pacifica Beauty and other products now available in a variety of serums, creams and face masks, you can incorporate this timeless beauty secret into your everyday self-care routine. 

But what exactly is collagen, and why should you bring it with you into 2023? Simply put, collagen provides strength, resilience and health for your skin. It’s a positive supplement to a skincare routine at any age.

Lastly, a great self-care routine isn’t limited to your home. Why not treat yourself to something new and beautiful to wear next time you step out? If you’re in the market for a new sweet perfume, like the ones from Snif, indulge in something that suits your new 2023 vibe.

Upgrade Your Home

There’s nothing like a good interior design refresh through Architectural Digest to make your space feel like a more inspiring, rejuvenating place to come home to in the new year. Thankfully, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars on complete renovation—making small, subtle changes around the home can be just as impactful. How about finally doing that paint job you’ve been hoping to get around to for the past several months? Or investing in a great new washable rugs from Tumble and a coffee table to make your dinner parties a little more inviting?

Who says your home decor and supplies should be the only ones to get an upgrade in 2023? Now is a great time to take inventory of your pet’s supplies and the things you’re using to take care of them. For instance, are they getting extra rowdy on walks to the extent that they’d benefit from a new type of leash? Find one that will keep them comfortable and controlled. Maybe it’s time for a new collar and tag as well.

Is their old bowl falling apart, becoming discolored, or simply developing a film from being used so much? Time to go shopping for new customizable dog bowls from Wild One that are as sturdy as they are adorable. 

Give Your Closet a Facelift

Of course, you can’t think about the year ahead without considering the way you’re going to show up in it. After all, what are you supposed to pack for all of those amazing vacations you have planned or your first day at a new job you’re working toward?

Refinery29 knows that trends change quickly, and now is the perfect time to take a look at what types of fresh styles you want to try so you can make space in your closet for them—set aside time to declutter and sell or donate your outdated clothes. One fun idea could be to host a clothing swap in your neighborhood or even just amongst friends. 

Once you’ve decluttered what no longer works for you, it’s time to shop for new threads. If boho clothing from Johnny Was is your style, invest in a few quality pieces that you can show off in the summer or layer in chillier months. Cardigans, wide leg pants, pullovers, you name it; a great boho piece is becoming a staple that works in any weather and for any type of setting. 

Now is also an excellent time to start thinking about upcoming events and special occasions you might want to plan in 2023, such as vacations, weddings, graduations, or holiday parties. Perhaps you’d like to shop for Indian dresses from Lashkaraa to wear to your cousin’s wedding in the spring or a classic little black dress you’re finally ready to invest in. Thinking ahead about your major plans for the year can help you decide what should stay in your closet and what needs to go to make way for new things. 

For instance, if you’re planning on having a baby or have headed into the new year already pregnant, keep an eye out for maternity leggings from Hatch. If you want to feel more empowered and sexier this year, it might be time to invest in a beautiful set of luxury lingerie from Fleur du Mal.

No matter what your goals are for the new year, setting yourself up to look and feel your best while completing them is key to accomplishing everything you want and more. Now go forth and shop!

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Bloxe Unleashes the Power of Customized Banking Solutions for Forward-Thinking Businesses

In a fast-paced digital world where agility and adaptability reign supreme, Bloxe emerges as a guiding light for businesses aspiring to redefine the banking landscape. With a commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, Bloxe empowers businesses with the ability to swiftly deploy and customize complete banking solutions that cater to their unique needs and growth objectives.

Picture this: You’re an ambitious entrepreneur, driven to disrupt the traditional banking paradigm and create a seamless banking experience for your customers. With Bloxe’s transformative technology at your fingertips, you have the power to build a banking ecosystem that aligns with your vision, all in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional methods. Gone are the days of lengthy development cycles and rigid systems. Bloxe enables you to launch your banking venture in a matter of weeks, propelling you ahead of the competition and accelerating your time-to-market.

At the heart of Bloxe’s offering lies its comprehensive suite of products, encompassing reliable financial services, Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS), and Cards-as-a-Service (CaaS). These versatile tools provide you with the flexibility to craft a banking solution that caters to your target market’s evolving demands. With Bloxe, you can seamlessly integrate services such as online payments, virtual cards, and transaction management, empowering your customers to navigate the digital banking landscape with ease.

What sets Bloxe apart is its commitment to customization. Your banking solution is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, Bloxe understands that your business has unique value propositions and specific requirements. Through its composable Accure Bank Banking products and strategic partnerships, Bloxe enables you to tailor your banking ecosystem, ensuring that it reflects your brand, resonates with your customers, and drives growth.

As you embark on your banking journey, affordability becomes a critical factor. Bloxe recognizes the financial considerations that businesses face and strives to make banking launches accessible to all. With its budget-friendly approach, Bloxe offers a white-label Accure product that comes complete with fully integrated financial services, eliminating the burden of exorbitant costs. This enables you to allocate resources strategically and channel your investments into areas that fuel your business’s growth.

With Bloxe as your trusted partner, you gain access to a team of experts who are passionate about your success. From rapid deployment to robust customization options, Bloxe guides you every step of the way, ensuring that your banking solution is built on a solid foundation. As the banking landscape evolves and customer expectations shift, Bloxe’s technology evolves with you, providing you with the tools and insights needed to stay ahead of the curve.

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Bloxe: Powering Financial Innovation

Bloxe, the innovative fintech company at the forefront of digital transformation, announces its latest breakthrough in the industry. By expanding its FinTech product line, Bloxe aims to strengthen financial institutions’ positions within the value chain and provide them with the tools needed to thrive in the modern era. With its cutting-edge Core Banking Software and digital wallet products, Bloxe empowers financial technology start-ups to modernize their existing core banking infrastructure and capture new revenue streams.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving financial landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Traditional core banking systems often lag behind, hindered by outdated technology and lengthy implementation processes. However, Bloxe disrupts this norm by offering a ready-to-launch Core Banking Software that can be implemented in a matter of weeks, rather than years. This accelerated timeline enables financial institutions to modernize their infrastructure and embrace the latest technological advancements without the traditional time and resource constraints.

For financial technology start-ups, gaining a competitive edge is crucial for success. With Bloxe’s ready-to-launch Core Banking Software, start-ups can empower themselves with a robust and scalable banking solution that sets them apart in the market. By leveraging Bloxe’s cutting-edge technology, start-ups can establish a strong foundation for their business, positioning themselves as key players in the FinTech industry.

In addition to core banking modernization, Bloxe offers digital wallet products that cater to the needs of both private and business customers. By adopting Bloxe’s digital wallet solutions, financial institutions can unlock new revenue streams and enhance their customer offerings. The digital wallet products enable seamless cash flow management, allowing businesses and individuals to streamline their financial transactions and enjoy a hassle-free banking experience.

Private banking has always been associated with exclusivity and tailored services. With Bloxe’s private banking solution, financial institutions can launch their own private banking services, catering to high-net-worth individuals and providing them with personalized financial management and investment solutions. This opens up opportunities for financial institutions to serve a niche market segment and establish long-term relationships with affluent clients.

Bloxe’s commitment to innovation, technology, and customer-centric solutions positions it as a trusted partner for financial institutions seeking to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of finance. The company’s comprehensive suite of products, combined with its expertise in digital transformation, enables financial institutions to embrace change, strengthen their market positions, and unlock new growth opportunities.

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From Heartbreak to Summer Jam: Drew Angus’ ‘Broken Heart Last’ Resonate

Summer’s heat often comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. For some, it’s a time of love and adventure; for others, it might dredge up memories of loves lost. Yet, in this melting pot of emotions, Drew Angus and Matt Giella have penned a song that speaks to those very contrasts – “Broken Heart Last,” a track that’s a beautiful mix of classic Americana vibes and energetic pop-rock.

 Hailing from the lively streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Drew Angus isn’t just another guy with a guitar; he’s a musical chef who knows how to mix different flavors to create something memorable. His songs don’t just offer melodies; they paint vivid pictures. Delve into his music and find yourself on a soulful journey where the old-world charm of Americana meets the upbeat pulse of modern tunes. Drew’s tunes take you back to simpler times, drawing from the classics like Tom Petty and The Beatles while adding contemporary touches that fans of John Mayer or Ben Rector would love.

 Yet, to truly understand Drew, one must trace back to his roots. The streets of Bridgeport served as his playground and classroom. It’s where the rhythms of rock legends like The Rolling Stones and the deep storytelling of The Beatles shaped his musical inclinations. This influence is evident in his tunes. Drew’s mantra, “I sing for my supper,” isn’t just a saying; it’s a testament to his unwavering passion.

 It’s hard to think that this independent talent, who once swayed to classic anthems in his living room, now shares the limelight with big names like Harry Styles and Nile Rogers. If you’ve ever been to a live performance featuring Drew with legends like Andrea Bocelli or Ann Willson, you’d understand the sheer energy and charisma he brings.

 While Drew’s journey is impressive, this summer is all about “Broken Heart Last.” A collaboration with Matt Giella, this track delves into the emotional depths of love’s aftermath. As you sink into the lyrics, an upbeat rhythm lifts your spirit, reminding listeners that heartaches might last, but so does the healing power of music. The song doesn’t just ask how long heartbreak lingers; it offers a remedy – dance. Let the rhythm guide your feet, find release, and celebrate the moment.

 Remember the moments when a particular song would trigger challenging memories, but its rhythm would make you dance anyway? That’s the allure of “Broken Heart Last“. Now available on all popular streaming platforms, this song is not just a tune; it’s therapy for anyone nursing the wounds of lost love. As it fills the airwaves this summer, the message is loud and clear: Let go, groove to the memories, and let the rhythm mend your heart.

 For those keeping an ear to the ground, Drew Angus isn’t just a passing comet; he’s a force in the musical galaxy. And while “Broken Heart Last” is currently stealing the show, there’s a buzz about more captivating tunes from Drew’s to release later this year.

 So, as the sun sets on another day, let Drew Angus’ tunes be your soundtrack, echoing the timeless tussle between love, loss, and the undying spirit to dance again.

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