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Discover the Hottest Trends of 2023

Preparing for a new year means taking stock of everything you’ve accomplished, experienced, and worked for in the year that has come to a close. You’re probably finding yourself deep in thought about what you want to achieve and the person you want to be in 2023, in big ways and small. 

On the one hand, you may be contemplating something major, like a career change, a deeper commitment to your physical and mental health, or a new place to call home. Alternativley, you may be equally as focused on the small upgrades you want to make, like the types of hobbies you want to carve out time for or different styles you want to experiment with. 

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to do a little research into the hottest trends that will be coming up in 2023 from fashion to beauty to self-care and much more. If you’re looking for small, yet impactful, ways to level up in 2023, this is the guide for you. Read on to start loading up your shopping carts and making those vision boards. 

Focus on Self-Care

Like any other year, self-care is the name of the game going into 2023. Whether you’re in need of a better skincare routine, a more sustainable exercise plan, or simply more time in your schedule to take care of yourself, it’s time to invest in the products and opportunities that will help you live your healthiest, happiest year. 

Depending on how you chose to celebrate the first few days of the new year, you may find yourself in need of extra vitamins and hydration to bounce back. If that’s the case, a round of IV drip therapy from The I.V. Doc may be in order. Take a day to pamper yourself and have The I.V. Doc come straight to your home. While you’re at it, order yourself a few self-care goodies, like a set of nail polishes, a new plush robe, and an enriching collagen mask. 

For years, collagen was widely understood to be a specialty beauty treatment that required a good chunk of cash and an appointment with a talented aesthetician or cosmetic procedure professional. Now, incorporating collagen into your skincare routine has become not only commonplace, but widely accessible. With vegan collagen from Pacifica Beauty and other products now available in a variety of serums, creams and face masks, you can incorporate this timeless beauty secret into your everyday self-care routine. 

But what exactly is collagen, and why should you bring it with you into 2023? Simply put, collagen provides strength, resilience and health for your skin. It’s a positive supplement to a skincare routine at any age.

Lastly, a great self-care routine isn’t limited to your home. Why not treat yourself to something new and beautiful to wear next time you step out? If you’re in the market for a new sweet perfume, like the ones from Snif, indulge in something that suits your new 2023 vibe.

Upgrade Your Home

There’s nothing like a good interior design refresh through Architectural Digest to make your space feel like a more inspiring, rejuvenating place to come home to in the new year. Thankfully, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars on complete renovation—making small, subtle changes around the home can be just as impactful. How about finally doing that paint job you’ve been hoping to get around to for the past several months? Or investing in a great new washable rugs from Tumble and a coffee table to make your dinner parties a little more inviting?

Who says your home decor and supplies should be the only ones to get an upgrade in 2023? Now is a great time to take inventory of your pet’s supplies and the things you’re using to take care of them. For instance, are they getting extra rowdy on walks to the extent that they’d benefit from a new type of leash? Find one that will keep them comfortable and controlled. Maybe it’s time for a new collar and tag as well.

Is their old bowl falling apart, becoming discolored, or simply developing a film from being used so much? Time to go shopping for new customizable dog bowls from Wild One that are as sturdy as they are adorable. 

Give Your Closet a Facelift

Of course, you can’t think about the year ahead without considering the way you’re going to show up in it. After all, what are you supposed to pack for all of those amazing vacations you have planned or your first day at a new job you’re working toward?

Refinery29 knows that trends change quickly, and now is the perfect time to take a look at what types of fresh styles you want to try so you can make space in your closet for them—set aside time to declutter and sell or donate your outdated clothes. One fun idea could be to host a clothing swap in your neighborhood or even just amongst friends. 

Once you’ve decluttered what no longer works for you, it’s time to shop for new threads. If boho clothing from Johnny Was is your style, invest in a few quality pieces that you can show off in the summer or layer in chillier months. Cardigans, wide leg pants, pullovers, you name it; a great boho piece is becoming a staple that works in any weather and for any type of setting. 

Now is also an excellent time to start thinking about upcoming events and special occasions you might want to plan in 2023, such as vacations, weddings, graduations, or holiday parties. Perhaps you’d like to shop for Indian dresses from Lashkaraa to wear to your cousin’s wedding in the spring or a classic little black dress you’re finally ready to invest in. Thinking ahead about your major plans for the year can help you decide what should stay in your closet and what needs to go to make way for new things. 

For instance, if you’re planning on having a baby or have headed into the new year already pregnant, keep an eye out for maternity leggings from Hatch. If you want to feel more empowered and sexier this year, it might be time to invest in a beautiful set of luxury lingerie from Fleur du Mal.

No matter what your goals are for the new year, setting yourself up to look and feel your best while completing them is key to accomplishing everything you want and more. Now go forth and shop!

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The New Cool: Why Empathy Is The New Superpower for Entrepreneurs

In the hustle and bustle of the entrepreneurial world, a new buzzword is making the rounds – empathy. Traditionally, entrepreneurs were hailed for their cut-throat business acumen and relentless drive for success. However, today’s successful entrepreneurs are those who have mastered the art of empathetic leadership. One such entrepreneur at the forefront of this wave is Byron Morrison.

A New Era of Entrepreneurship

Byron Morrison, a celebrated author, coach, and entrepreneur, is bringing a refreshing perspective to entrepreneurship. Once an under-confident individual, he underwent a personal transformation after his father’s brush with cancer. This life-altering experience led him to delve into the depths of psychology, studying the behavior of successful people and identifying the mental barriers holding many back.

The power in Morrisons message is relatability. He says “my transformation is not one those stories you hear and think ‘that’s amazing but I could never do that’. Instead, he is just a regular guy who decided he wanted more from life and put himself out there to make it happen. This is why he is able to so deeply relate to the challenges people are going through. It’s also why he believes that if he can overcome the barriers that were in his way, then other people can as well.

The Power of Empathy in Business

As he ascended in his career, Morrison discovered the significant impact of empathy on business outcomes. His unique coaching methods, emphasizing emotional intelligence, have helped his clients break their mental barriers and unleash their true potential.

“I am not a business coach,” asserts Morrison. “Many of my clients have better strategies and expertise when it comes to scaling a business, but I help them remove mental barriers that would keep them from fully utilizing that knowledge and expertise.”

His empathetic approach has enabled clients to hit record revenue numbers. One client, who felt like he had become the bottleneck in his business, experienced increased efficiency and record revenue growth after working with Morrison.

Making Empathy Accessible: Maybe You Should Give Up

Morrison is set to take his empathetic entrepreneurial methods to a wider audience through his latest book, “Maybe You Should Give Up.” This book is a clarion call for individuals to quit holding themselves back and take control of their lives.

In the book, readers will learn strategies to overcome the mental barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. He encourages everyone to pre-order the book on his website and follow him on Instagram for more valuable insights.

Byron Morrison’s story is a testament to the shifting paradigm in entrepreneurship. Empathy, once seen as a ‘soft’ skill, is now being recognized for the business superpower that it truly is. As this new era of empathetic leadership takes shape, entrepreneurs like Morrison are leading the charge, showing us all that empathy is indeed the new cool.

You can learn more about Byron Morrison and how he is influencing others to lean into Empathy by viisitng his website. You can also pre-order a copy of his new book, ‘Maybe You Should Give Up’ on all major online stores.

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How Derek Wolf Became a Key Player Financial Education

Financial literacy is a valuable skill that is essential for people to take control of their financial life. With the increasing demand for financial education, there is a growing need for professionals who can provide expert advice and guidance. Derek Wolf is one such professional who has made a significant impact in the field of financial education. With a background in economics, finance, and business, Wolf is a knowledgeable and experienced financial educator helping people take control of their finances and make the most of their money.

Wolf‘s passion for insurance started as a side income, but he soon realized the potential to help people capitalize on the value of their dollar. He saw an opportunity to use life insurance to help families, and he was determined to do so in the best way possible. As a senior field specialist, Wolf puts his knowledge and expertise to work, using seminars and social media to help individuals and families understand the benefits of life insurance and how they can make it work for them.

Wolf’s success in the insurance industry is built on his background as a penny pusher, always looking for ways to save and make the most of his money. After learning about the opportunities to use life insurance to his advantage, he was drawn to the insurance industry. He was initially hesitant when he was offered a job as a broker, but after doing his research, he realized that being a broker, he was able to offer policy plans at a fraction of the cost compared to the other providers along with having more options available to families to truly help set them up on a customized plan just for them.

Wolf’s biggest challenge in his career has been breaking the misconceptions regarding life insurance, but he has overcome this challenge by educating people on the value of their money and how life insurance can be one of the few stepping stones that can help them reach their financial goals. He believes in the importance of financial literacy and wants to share his wisdom and lessons with others.

In the future, Wolf sees himself as a leader in financial education, using his platform and influence to help people make the most of their money. His dreams consist of taking his business to new heights and continuing to help people achieve financial success.

Derek is an experienced financial expert and has been helping people achieve financial success for many years. He understands personal finance and wealth management strategies profoundly and uses this knowledge to educate and guide individuals on their financial journeys. Derek’s expertise in the field is evident in his ability to break down complex financial concepts into simple, actionable steps that people can easily follow. He is passionate about empowering others to take control of their finances and achieve financial stability and independence. Derek’s track record of helping people achieve their financial goals and his dedication to education make him a valuable asset in the financial education community.

Derek Wolf is a name to remember in the financial services industry. With a background in economics, finance, and business, he is a knowledgeable and experienced financial educator dedicated to helping people take control of their finances and make the most of their money. Wolf’s passion for insurance and his commitment to financial literacy make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to secure their financial future. Follow him on his personal and business Facebook accounts to get more information on his services.

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Digital Transformations for Everyday Families: Escaping the Rat Race and Inspiring a Life of Fulfillment

In a world dominated by traditional career paths and societal norms, Kim and Tim, the co-creators of Camping, Coffee & Culture, have embraced a different approach. As lifestyle and business mentors, these digital creators, vloggers, and bloggers have embarked on a journey that challenges the conventional way of living. By leveraging social media and embracing the online world, they have not only transformed their own lives but also inspired countless others to break free from the 9-5 grind and discover their true potential. This article dives into their story, notable achievements, challenges faced, and the wisdom they share, all while highlighting the power of digital transformations for everyday families.

Embracing Who They Are and Inspiring Others:

Kim and Tim are fun-loving, adventurous individuals who thrive on helping others realize their true potential. Their business, Camping, Coffee & Culture, serves as a platform for inspiring families to pursue their passions. They believe in showing other families that it’s possible to have it all by stepping out of their comfort zones and exploring the endless possibilities offered by the online world. The core pillars of their brand, camping, coffee, and culture, represent their love for the outdoors, their belief in the power of connection, and their passion for embracing diverse experiences.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Resilience:

Like any entrepreneurial journey, Kim and Tim have faced challenges along the way. From technical issues to dry seasons in their business, they have learned the value of resilience and perseverance. By seeking support from mentors and coaches, they have navigated through obstacles and grown stronger. Effective communication and a willingness to try new strategies have played crucial roles in their success. Their story serves as a testament to the fact that there is no challenge too great when you have the determination to overcome it.

Lessons Learned and Wisdom to Share:

Kim and Tim’s transformational journey has taught them valuable lessons they eagerly share with others. They emphasize the importance of stepping outside comfort zones and doing things differently. By challenging societal norms and embracing a digital lifestyle, they have discovered a path to fulfillment and abundance. Their message is clear: life is too short to wait for retirement to start truly living. They encourage individuals to believe in their abilities, explore new ideas, and surround themselves with like-minded people who can offer guidance and support.

Dreams and Aspirations:

Looking into the future, Kim and Tim’s dreams and aspirations continue to grow. They envision a life where they have turned their whole world around, spending more time going on adventures and exploring Australia with their children. Their thriving business has a global reach, allowing them to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their ultimate aspiration is to mentor hundreds of others, witnessing their success as they create lives on their own terms.

Kim and Tim, the co-creators of Camping, Coffee & Culture, are transforming the way everyday families live and work. Their digital journey has enabled them to escape the rat race and inspire others to do the same. By sharing their experiences, overcoming challenges, and embracing a mindset of growth, they have paved the way for families to explore new possibilities and achieve fulfillment. Through their online presence and mentoring, Kim and Tim are making a positive impact on countless lives, while exemplifying the power of digital transformations in the modern world.

To connect with Kim and Tim and learn more about their inspiring journey, visit their social media accounts:

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