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Akil Henley, the man who loves drones and is an expert in aerial photography:

Photography Credit – Jeffrey Cabrera


Aerial Photography refers to the collection of pictures or images taken with the help of airborne or aerial cameras. Previously, people used to rely on parachutes, helicopters and other ways to capture beautiful and pleasing pictures of buildings, landscapes. It is also used for other purposes like environmental studies, movie production and many more. Now, we commonly use drones for aerial photography, it is easy to handle and an affordable option to capture stunning pictures from the sky.


One of the best aerial/drone photographers is Akil Henley. Akil Henley is a creator and photographer based in New York City. He is the guy who is an influencer with the drone known as “Traveldronelife”. He has travelled to many countries, where he has collected memories just by capturing amazing photographs. His love for aerial photography grows more with each passing day and he works hard to get his best shot and show everyone how magical the world is from the sky.


Akil is a natural-born creator whether it be content, music, apps or business. He plays multiple instruments including the Trumpet, Piano, and Clarinet. While Mr Henley took a liking to play musical instruments, he also found his love of photography at a very young age. With time he realised his passion for art and with six years of hard work and experience in professional aerial photography, he gained global recognition for his works.


During the French protest, Akil’s page blew up in 2018 as one of the photos of a storming France that he captured was reposted by the Eiffel Tower page in their story. He was reached out to several local Parisian periodicals to use his photo in their publications. His page found success again in 2019, when the NYC Instagram page reposted some of his photos in their stories and those caught the eye of NYC artist, Elizabeth Sutton, who requested him to photograph one of her artworks on Roosevelt island. Since that time, he has photographed from the drone in an additional 40 countries and in many of the states across the United States.


Due to the Pandemic and lockdown around the world, influencers or creators couldn’t travel and they had a challenge of creating more interesting content. This pushed Akil from being only a creator to an app developer that helps other creative people. He taught himself about how to code for iOS on YouTube and successfully submitted his first version of the “nFluencer app” for iOS in January which one year later has over 106k users. An app is an excellent tool for those looking to edit photos with ease, create cool stories or reels, and write longer captions.


Akil Henley is the best example of not only being creative but also focusing on how others will be benefited from his creative works. No obstruction has stopped him from growing. To see his amazing works with drones, you can click on the links below:

The Drone work he did for the Elizabeth Sutton collection:




The Drone Photographer for the Diner en Blanc in 2019 in NYC.



You can follow him on Instagram to see more of his beautiful works:


To be more creative like Akil Henley, click on the link below of his “nFluencer app”, the iOS app:


To know about Akil Henley, you can follow his personal webpage:

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Chava Mercado Is Making His Mark Through Branding and Advertising Campaigns

Chava Mercado

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn.

This is the attitude of Chava Mercado, a millennial business mogul making a mark in the US. From learning English at age 16 as an immigrant to starting a flourishing business, going from $7 to 7 figures, and earning $100K/month working remotely, Chava is not your ordinary businessman.

Chava is the CEO of the successful branding and advertising company, InMotion Media Group, which is trailblazing in the marketing and advertising space across all 50 US states. Besides, Chava is an ardent adventurer. He has joined the 1% of the population as a “Firewalker”. He has climbed 2 of the seven summits of the world: Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, and Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe.

In 2019, at only 35 years old, Chava, a go-getter business-minded person, started InMotion Media Group, a business dealing with branded trucks for advertising. Before starting the business, Chava opened several unsuccessful companies. InMotion Media Group opened its doors as a full-time business in March 2020, a few weeks from the global shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Notably, when other firms were closing during the pandemic, InMotion Media Group survived, and today, the business is thriving ahead of its competitors.

According to Chava, InMotion Media Group has implemented unique strategies to reach out to potential customers in the marketplace. Rather than slapping a logo on a truck like their competitors, they go the extra mile by exceeding their clients’ expectations. They achieve this by providing more information than their customers ask. The company has full-time dedicated and experienced photographers, videographers, and even POV drone pilots. They are guided by offering exemplary services, doing more than they are paid for, and going the extra mile to deliver more than expected.

Chava attributes his success in running the company to his overall experience in agency and branding while working for notable Fortune 500 brands such as Nintendo, PepsiCo, and many more. The company has received significant accolades such as the ‘Best Outdoor Ad campaign’ in 2021 and working with Fortune 500 companies as clients.

“Traditional billboard inventory is limited, it is one-sided, it is stationary, it is expensive, and it is restricted by city ordinances and reduced to locations allowed for billboards. People tend to pay more attention to things that are in-motion. Therefore, our InMotion truck ads are seen more by potential customers,” Chava shares.

Like any other young entrepreneur, Chava had low moments when he started the business. He did not have enough money to support its operations. Friends and relatives would not help him either. From being declared bankrupt to considering selling part of his business to investors, Chava is proof that you can overcome obstacles, rise, and achieve your dreams.

Chava has significant plans for InMotion Media Group that the world is yet to experience. “Working with not only Fortune 500 brands, winning multiple awards, crossing the eight-figure mark, and preparing for a nine-figure exit strategy,” shares Chava. He also hopes to work with the world’s top influencers and use his trucks to promote his very own Instagram account with handle @instachava

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Meet Karyna Romanova who has excelled in her career as a DJ.

This multi-talented young lady has shown her prowess in acting, modelling, and DJing.


Karyna Romanova has showcased her tremendous skills in distinct fields and has emerged as a true star. Her performances have been widely appreciated gaining her a humongous following on social media platforms, especially Instagram. After conquering and creating a mark in the entertainment and glamour industry as an actor and model, she has now set her eyes into the world of music by introducing herself as a DJ. When asked what made her try her hands at DJing Karyna says, “there are a lot of events being held to celebrate various occasions and a DJ plays an important part in many of these events where the music part is handled by them. I had a keen interest in music since the very beginning and thought of giving DJing a try, as this field always drew me towards it, and eventually I landed up playing at a few events which boosted my confidence to go all the way.”


Along with honing her skills as a DJ,  Karyna also studied the detailed concepts of the music field and after grasping deep knowledge on the craft started creating her own tracks which were focussed on techno house, afro house and melodic genres. “to create a deep impact as a DJ, one has to have their own unique style of playing music. Only if your work is different, will you get noticed and garner a decent number of followers,” says Karyna. Her entry into the music world had her getting acquainted with a lot of people who were walking the same path as hers and that has helped her dwell deep into the subject by sharing each others experiences and techniques. Learning new things each day also allowed her to know more about the craft in a much better way.


Today, Karyna has developed her skills as a DJ and is handling her work far better than others. She might as well emerge as a popular name in the field of DJing given the fast pace that she’s moving forward.


Follow her on to know more.

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Ralph Leon Mebone aka Northside2x introduces “Indie Fire Global” to showcase artists and producers talent on a global platform.

It’s an amalgamation of various services under one roof from management to PR which is designed to help various talents get the right break. 


Northside2x is an American Record Producer and Songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee, who has worked with popular artists like MoneyBagg Yo, Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti, Jhonni Blaze, Fabolous, Lil GotIt, Drumma Boy, Snootie Wild and many more. His music which comprises of hip-hop genre has a flavour of Tennesse in it making it all the more distinct from others. Today, he is a big name in the music industry who has worked with most popular artists. Many don’t know about the journey of this popular artist, how it all started, and what drew him towards the music industry. The music talent started out when he was just 13 years of age, and was impressed by different artists who he heard, and started playing with tunes and songs on his FI Studio digital audio workstation. He soon realized that he could make his own music and started working diligently on improving it and building his base in the field. 


“There are a lot of people who I want to credit for giving a boost to my career and making me reach where I stand today. A special credit to MoneyBagg Yo as after teaming up with him in 2012 on his underground mixtape, from Da Block 2 Da Booth, gave a big push to my music career in the upwards direction,” says Northside2x. At just 25 years he has gained much experience and is now focussing on taking it ahead by launching his new project ‘Indie Fire Series’ which will feature upcoming artists & producers. He is also working on a couple of projects with some producers and writers which are in the pipeline. Also collaborating with new talent is on the cards. His music is available for listeners on various music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, SoundClick, and Deezer which has gained much popularity of late and is a big hit with music enthusiasts. 


To know more, visit his official website


You can also follow his Instagram@IAmNorthside2x

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