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What You Can Learn From the Success of Unique Art Brand Criss Bellini

Success is rewarding and is something everyone wants to achieve. However, it takes a lot of resilience, determination, and hard work. This has seen some people give up on their dreams halfway.

The founder of the art brand Criss Bellini is an anonymous digital artist who has established and cemented his spot in the industry. Through exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes conversation, we learned his one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to motivate and inspire, all while being affordable to the everyday art lover. His journey wasn’t an easy one: growing up in a low-income area and getting mixed up with the street life, he managed to beat all that and become a success story.

Here is what you can learn from his success:

Never give up!

Determined to make his dreams a reality, this artist has defied all odds. Together with his family, they fled their country due to war when he was young; struggling to fit in, he found himself selling drugs. In addition to this, he had started two businesses that did not go as planned. However, he did not let that hold him back. According to him, what inspired him was that all the advice and tips pointed to not giving up in every success story he had read. He pushed harder, stepped out of his comfort zone, and now his art is making headlines globally.

Learn to stand out.

Generally, entrepreneurship is competitive no matter the industry, which makes it hard to establish your spot. This go-getter chose to stand out and create something no one in the industry created to distinguish himself from his competitors. By fusing traditional and digital art, Criss Bellini creates unique and beautiful art pieces.

A lot of the art has a clear message, with motivational quotes that are meant to inspire the viewers. On the other hand, some pieces have attention-grabbing images with no deeper meaning. Some customers enjoy how the art from Criss Bellini combines classic works of art and gives them a modern spin. These aspects help Criss Bellini stand out.

Believe in yourself.

For people to believe in your work, you must first believe in yourself. You alone know why you started a business, so you are your strongest support system. Besides, not everyone will believe in your work; some might even tell you to quit. The unknown artist’s advice is not to listen to people who aim to discourage you. “As long as you love what you do, then nothing should stop you,” he says.

It is okay to fail.

Failure is an opportunity to try again. Even though he has encountered ups and downs on his path to success, the artist never lets failure define his life. In his words, “To succeed, you must first fail. Moreover, what matters after is the lessons learned and how well you use them in your favor.” In addition to this, he stresses the need to be driven and always focused on your goal; this way, you ensure you are on the right course.


Criss Bellini believed in his artwork, and through hard work and determination, he is now a celebrated digital artist. Less than two years since Criss Bellini launched, the buzz around its unique yet timeless pieces is far from over. The brand has done over 1 million euros in sales within seven months.

The above lessons will help you on your path to success.

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Grow Your Digital Marketing Brand With Amnads’ Affiliate Marketing App

Influencer marketing is a type of social networking or digital marketing whereby brands or businesses profit from the enormous popularity of social media influencers. These influencers are at the top of the influencers list on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, and other platforms where businesses would like to target their audience.

According to recent studies, the influencer marketing sector increased from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $13.8 billion in 2021, with a projected market growth anticipated to reach over $16.4 billion. This growth demonstrates the success of business and brand uptake.

Platforms like Amnads offer a better method of connecting with influencers, enabling companies to select the appropriate influencers for each sector, deal with them directly through the platform, and guarantee success. 

Amnads is Saudi Arabia’s leading influencer marketing and affiliate marketing brand helping connect brands and influencers.

Amnads was founded at the beginning of 2022. It has since significantly expanded with over 3,000 influencers and expanded its services across the Middle East. It plans to extend its reach to North Africa as well. Amnads promotes and develops the operational business of advertising through influencers, enabling owners of online shops and applications to advertise with a commission per order. Amnads enables operators of online shops and software apps to provide value for brands and influencers. With the aid of a team that specializes in influencer advertising, the platform gives its clients access to a sizable number of active influencers throughout the Middle East.

Amnads uses a variety of strategies, most notably commission-based marketing, to make it easier for influencers to run advertising campaigns. Also, Amnads’ enormous network of active publishers enables advertising to reach an infinitely large potential market. To exploit the app’s limitless potential, you can sign up as an advertiser on Amnads. Additionally, the committed Amnads team of marketing experts will assist you in matching your brand with the most appropriate influencers to further your objectives.

Amnads stands out as one of the few risk-free marketing platforms. Their adaptive analytics and follow-up procedures, which substantially remove the possibility of setbacks, greatly enhance this. Amnads will give you information on the results of the development of your campaign for efficient procedures and achievement of the intended results. This is made possible through a thorough and precise report of events. The Amnads team will then continue to manage and keep an eye on your campaigns and advertisements to ensure that everything is completed on time.

Because their followers tend to trust influencers’ recommendations, Amnads helps these influencers gain a sizable following with a profound influence on their purchasing decisions. This gives businesses and brands a fantastic chance to market their goods and services because it shows that they rely on experts in their respective industries.

Continuous innovation and adaptation will continue to be essential areas of focus for the Amnads app as they move forward. The goal is to develop and incorporate new technologies for improved platform usability and efficiency. Amnads has the same goal of dominating the advertising market by assisting in its regulation.


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How Daniel Everest Invention Sprouter Is Helping Students & Startups

Innovating and launching a unique product can be a hassle and yet a fruitful endeavor. However, Daniel Everest has assisted students and many small businesses.

Daniel created the dorm room software Sprouter to improve students’ lives everywhere. Sprouter promotes better communication among college students. Along with that, Sprouter is also a complete solution for your brand identity and online presence, helping businesses and consumers.

Furthermore, the platform allows users to make the most of it and realize profits without paying a subscription fee or incurring additional costs. Daniel has high hopes for Sproutger, as he continues to put in the work to see it expand and reach its potential.

He plans to introduce new features that place Sprouter on a global pedestal and promote individuals, brands, events, and small businesses through various avenues.

With the inclusion of social media management tools, users, now more than ever, can manage and organize their content to avoid hassle. Sprouter also allows clients to tailor a landing page to fit business needs and branding specifications.

Team Sprouter and Daniel have made this platform an absolute hit. The platform has taken startups, and businesses to a different level, accrued lots of potential, and in no time will witness expansion in coming years.

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Personal Trainer Kirk Anderson Is Inspiring People to Live Fit and Look Good

Obesity is a silent pandemic that has affected most of the world’s population. As people are becoming aware of the impact of obesity, several health regimes and fad diets have popped up. While these may show quick results, most of the time, they are not sustainable. Kirk Anderson, a personal trainer and fitness coach, believes that misconceptions and misinformation are the main reasons behind weight loss failure. This is where he is making a difference with customized workout plans, diet, and supplements for people in their 40s who want to look great and feel better. 

Anderson is a 49-year-old certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Unlike other personal trainers working in the fitness industry, Anderson started his journey quite late. He was a business professional and had no plans to venture into the fitness industry. It was in his late 30s when Anderson realized he was clinically obese and wanted to transform his body. Like most people, he started by searching health regimes and diet plans on Google. He ended up losing some weight at 37, but within two years regained all the lost weight. 

Obesity became a serious threat to Anderson‘s health as he developed high blood pressure and also became pre-diabetic. That’s when he realized the value of the right information and guidance in a weight loss journey to make it a success. Anderson hired some of the best professional bodybuilders to transform his body and reach his weight loss goals. Under professional supervision and guidance, Anderson witnessed positive changes in his body. This inspired him to delve deeper into health and fitness. He dedicated 4,000 hours to learning about health and nutrition to become a fitness coach, and now he is leveraging this knowledge to help others in their weight loss journeys. 

Anderson believes that if a weight loss journey is about investing in yourself, it will yield returns in the form of better health and overall appearance. Whether it is about losing 100 pounds of fat or gaining 40 pounds of muscle, professional guidance is indispensable in this journey. Just like people cannot file a legal case by appearing in the courtroom without the assistance of a lawyer, similarly, hitting the gym without a trainer every day will not bring visible results. Weight loss is not just about becoming fit—it is about adopting a lifestyle that syncs well with your needs to give you visible results. 

Having defeated obesity in his 40s, Anderson is a living example to those who want to embark on a sustainable weight loss journey. He is probably one of the best coaches to understand the mindset of someone suffering from obesity because he has walked the same path. Anderson offers online services to make his weight loss program accessible to all. All his training sessions are conducted online and tailored to his clients’ needs and goals. Besides physical activity, Anderson also focuses on the correct diet and the use of supplements to get visible results. 

Anderson wants to reach as many people as possible to help them transform their bodies. His aim as a trainer is to educate people on the right path to take on their way to transforming their health and ensure they sustain the journey in the long term.

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